About Planetary Ruler: Uranus

Uranus as a planetary ruler (for Aquarius) is often viewed as ‘the awakener’ , the planet that strives to achieve transformation. The circle of spirit and the cross of matter are used to represent the planetary glyph of the ‘dual soul of humanity.’ In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Uranus as a planetary ruler.


The changes and chaos in life are most likely the handiwork of Uranus’ power over people. It is responsible for causing people to react and crave an overwhelming change in their lives. The planet contains a rebellious energy and when looking at your astrological birthchart, you can pinpoint areas in your life that may need to break from specific restrictions.

Characteristics of a Uranium Person

A person ruled by Uranus is often seen as an innovator , one who accepts the challenges in their life and pushes against the norm. They usually don’t feel the need to be accepted by others in society. Being eccentric is an attribute of Uranus, who can easily come off as bizarre or freakish to some. When the power of the planet takes a turn for the worse, an individual may seen antisocial and in some cases, lawless.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Uranus is often associated with chaos, change, rebellion, revolution, intuition, liberation, research, invention, technology, plaids, magnesium, science, electricity, coins, astrology, magnets, computers, railways, banks, and hospitals.

·    A color associated with Uranus is electric blue.

·    Crystals known to harness the power of Uranus includes sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and azurite.

·    Jobs that best suit an individual belonging to the planetary ruler of Uranus include researcher, teacher, scientist, chemist, sculptor, computer programmer, hypnotherapist, and quantum physicist.

Uranus  , Zodiac Sign Connections

When Uranus is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the way an individual behaves and reacts to the people in their life. A couple of examples include:

The placement of Uranus in a chart for an Aries individual can produce a ‘loose cannon’ effect. One can become unpredictable and disruptive. If they thirst for change, they may obtain it by any means necessary.

The placement of Uranus for Cancer usually means that an individual often leans on their family and friends for emotional support. The need to break free from the people that cares most is the kind of effect Uranus may have on this person.

The placement of Uranus in Capricorn encourages high-strung actions with a desire to change society and the government. They may come up with very smart business plans, even if their approach is deemed eccentric.

The placement of Uranus in Pisces often sees people possess a strong intuition, but often falls victim to their emotions. They face issues with being misdirected or confused as a result.