About Planetary Ruler: Venus

Venus is the planetary ruler for Taurus and Libra. Since the planet is often linked to love, it is no wonder that Venus affects the desires of a zodiac sign. A circle and a cross are used to represent Venus , symbolizing commitment and love within the world. In this article, you will encounter some of the common associations regarding Venus as a planetary ruler.


Right after the Sun, Venus is the brightest object in the sky and never seems to stray too far from it. Because of this, people view the planet as a representation of one of the most basic of human needs , relationships. When analyzing the position of Venus in a chart, one can explore the ability for one to become close and intimate with others. The planet is also used as an indicator of self-esteem.


Venus is the personification of desire and represents emotional satisfaction. She is often seen in artistic depiction with her son Cupid by her side , the god known for shooting passion darts at unsuspecting lovers.

The Differences in Males and Females

The position of Venus appears differently in the charts of men and women. For the male, the planet positioning shows what he is most likely attracted to in a partner. He can learn about the qualities best sought after in a mate. His desires and the kinds of things that will turn him on are often revealed through Venus. In a female’s chart, Venus represents the way a woman presents herself to the rest of the world. The body language linked to her femininity will play an important role. The need to look good and feel comfortable within her own skin are some of the representations that Venus is usually associated with. Venus brings out the urge to feel comforted, lust over another, and become erotic , in both men and women.

Traditional Correspondences

·    Venus is often associated with love, lust, attraction, female sexuality, harmony, charm, intimacy, beauty, gratification, fruit trees, pomegranates, strawberries, sugar, nectarines, and gardens.

·    Love is seen as a positive attribute of Venus, but can quickly turn negative when lust begins to overtake an individual.

·    Venus is used to represent comfortable relationships. The urge to look and feel good is often an influence of Venus.

·    Wednesday is the day of the week devoted to Venus.

·    Crystals associated with Venus include malachite, tourmaline, emeralds, and sapphires.

Venus , Zodiac Sign Connections of Desire

When Venus is associated with the various zodiac signs, the planet often has an effect on the desires that one has. A couple of examples include:

When Venus affects Aries, there is a need to gain attention and flattery. They are passionate and erotic, but can quickly become impulsive and demanding. Aries tends to fall in love quickly and feels they get the most out of a relationship when their partner is dominant.

When Venus affects Leo, an individual usually desires adoration. They have a flair for being dramatic, but have a tendency to fall victim to vanity. Lust is often a downfall of Leo, who is slow to surrender to true love. Strong personalities are usually what float the boat of this zodiac sign.