All About Neil Armstrong , After the Moon Walk Part I

After completing a great feat within the world of space exploration, some astronauts go on to achieve bigger and better space escapades, while other individuals decide to follow a different calling. After his infamous walk on the Moon, what did Neil Armstrong go on to accomplish. The answer to this is provided in this article.

1) The crew of the Apollo 11 took part in a tour called the “Giant Leap,” which lasted 45 days and took them all around the world.

2) In 1969, Neil Armstrong also participated in a USO show affiliated with Bob Hope, where a great deal took place in Vietnam.

3) At one point, Armstrong found himself romantically attached to Connie Stevens, who also took part in some of the same engagements as he. The tabloids went wild with the possibilities, but no definite reports surfaced.

4) It didn’t take long after the Apollo 11 flight for Armstrong to announce that he did not foresee any other flights into space in the future.

5) For the Office of Advanced Research and Technology (DARPA), Armstrong was appointed to the position of Deputy Associate Administrator for aeronautics. He served in the position for only 13 months and decided to resign after awhile. He would also leave NASA in August of 1971.

6) At the University of Cincinnati, Armstrong accepted a teaching position with the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

7) After retiring from NASA in 1971, Armstrong declined all of the business offers pouring in that wished him to become their spokesman. However, Chrysler was successful in coaxing the retired astronaut to appear in ads that began in January of 1979. The reason he agreed to the arrangement was because he thought they possessed a strong engineering division and he noticed that they were in a financial bind at the time. Over time, he took on the role as spokesman for other companies, which includes General Time Corporation, as well as the Bankers Association of America. Additionally, he will only become a spokesman of a company or business that is situated within the United States.

8) Armstrong has also served on the board of directors for a variety of companies, such as Learjet, Marathon Oil, United Airlines, and Eaton Corporation.

9) After life as an astronaut, Armstrong was able to keep all of his fingers and toes with just one mishap threatening this feat. It was the fall season in 1979 and Armstrong had been working on his farm (located close to Lebanon, Ohio). Upon jumping off of the back of his grain truck, he actually caught his wedding ring in the wheel, managing to tear off his ring finger. In a quick response, he gathered his finger, surrounded it with ice, and then had a successful surgery to reattach it , a procedure that took place at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.