An Introduction to Planetary Rulers

In traditional astrology circles, the seven planets that people could see with the naked eye became associated with particular zodiac signs. For example, the Sun and the Moon each ruled one sign, whereas others were associated with two signs. It was a way to explain some of the characteristics of a sign, which were also attributed to the energy of a particular ruler.

As more planets were discovered in the past, they were assigned as co-rulers to a sign. When compared to the older associations, the newer planet connections seemed more aligned, but older matches still had some relevance. According to the Astrology Bible by Judy Hall, an example is seen in the tendency of Pisces to go overboard when it comes to drinking and drugs (attributed to the influence of Jupiter), as well as surrender to the escapist tendencies of Neptune.

Ruling planet connections are: Sun rules Leo, Moon rules Cancer, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, Venus rules Taurus and Libra, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, Uranus rules Aquarius, Neptune rules Pisces, and Pluto rules Scorpio.

Planetary Glyphs

With the ruling planets, theoretical and metaphysical principles associated with the universe were symbolized through ‘planetary glyphs,’ which were also used as a form of communication. For instance, the circle represented the spirit and was used to express the “totality” of the energy in the cosmos. The dot was considered the ‘divine’ that could penetrate anything. When put together , the dot inside of the circle , it was used to symbolize the Sun. The glyph also represents the giving of life and symbolizes the self and ego.

Other symbols used as planetary glyphs include the semi-circle (or crescent), the cross, a vertical straight lone, and a horizontal straight line.

An Introduction to the Planetary Ruler: Sun

The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo and is often associated with being a life force, powerful, and creative. It is a ruler most seen as ‘the father’ and is centered on individuality and self-expressive. When you see a golden Sun, it is typically used to represent the important spark of creative soul energy.

An Introduction to the Planetary Ruler: Moon

When the Sun is associated with the male, it is the Moon that is traditionally linked to the female. Not only does the Moon represent motherhood and pregnancy, but is known to have a great deal of influence over the tides of water, as well as the experiences that humans encounter.

The planetary glyph associated with the Moon is a crescent, which symbolized the soul. It also resembles the womb, which is viewed as the ‘container of life.’ The Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer, and is often associated with emotional reactions, feelings, instincts (especially the maternal kind), reflection, habits, moods, the traits we inherit from our ancestors, childhood, and the past.