Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Dog and Pig

When it comes to Dog and Pig personalities, they both are representations of home and family. The Dog usually takes on the role of a protector and is concerned with providing a secure environment. The Pig typically nurtures the family and tends to their needs. In this article, you will learn some of the characteristics that go with being a Dog or Pig personality.

The Dog

With a reputation for being friendly, Dog people are also known for being honest, likeable, hard working, and steady. Just like man’s best friend, Dogs are loyal and are quick to express this faithfulness with loved ones and friends. For example, Dogs are quick to take the side of a friend they feel has been wronged.

Common defaults in their personality include their tendency to worry, being suspicious of others, and seeing things in black and white. Until a Dog gets to know someone, they will question their motives. But when they do make a connection, they are loyal to the end.

On occasion, Dogs are known to display a sharp tongue, which could get them into trouble with Dragons, Roosters, and Sheep , symbolic animals that don’t often get along with Dogs. The most compatible matches for the sign include Horses and Tigers. However, it’s not always easy to find a mate because they find it difficult to establish trust. When settling down, Dogs are happy homemakers and protect their loved ones.

The Dog Year is marked with the opportunity to examine the security of home and business. This is often a time of strong health and loyal love connections.

The Pig

Family is an important aspect of a Pig’s personality, as they strive to care and love the best way they can. Because of this, they are prime candidates for becoming excellent wives, husbands, and parents. The best love matches are made with Cats and Dogs, where they express themselves through sensuality and an earthy kind of love. They may run into issues with Snakes and Monkeys.

Common characteristics of Pig people include tolerance, sincerity, and honesty. In return, they expect others to be the same. It is not uncommon to find Pigs are naïve and targets of people who like to take advantage of others.

In the professional world, they tend to lag behind because they will put their family first, which can hinder their progress in careers. A typical profession for a Pig is to become a caregiver since they place more stock in helping others over working in an environment that focuses on personal ambition. At the job, they do not leave tasks undone and are rather practical.

The Pig Year is often characterized by the need to make sure the family is afloat and doing well. This is also a time to reflect and rest. If you are interested in pursuing a project, this may be the time to seek a happy outcome.