Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Horse and Sheep

The Horse and the Sheep epitomize the concept of Yang and Yin, where the Horse is aggressive and masculine, while the Sheep is more caring and sensitive. In this article, you will learn some of the characteristics that make up these opposite personalities.

The Horse

Strong and healthy, Horse people are prime candidates for joining social or sports clubs, which is an example of the sociable personality of their symbolic animal. Willing to join in a conversation, they tend not to be that inventive. While considered self-centered, it is important not to confuse such an attribute with selfishness. Other characteristics include hard workers and attention seekers, as they wish to be popular.

Horse people are often easy to get along with and like, but they can display unpredictable behavior that turns others off. They can also show signs of having a bad temper. Because of this, Rats, Snakes, and Cats should take heed because they often have issues with Horses. When looking for relationship material and friends, Horses find that they are most compatible with Tigers, Dogs, and Sheep. When they fall in love, they are deeply committed, but tend to fall out of love easily. Some realize that they are in love with the concept of being in love and it never had anything to do with their mate.

The Horse Year is characterized by strength and stability that affects business and personal lives. Good health and active love experiences are also in the forecast during this time period.

The Sheep

Sheep people are not insecure, but are instead tend to be vulnerable. Typically, individuals born under this animal symbol make good listeners and are perfect for when you need to be consoled. They possess qualities, such as goodness, gentleness, and consideration for others. They are very caring and aware of the emotions that can cause vulnerability. Because of this, they do not readily reveal themselves to others. This could pose a problem with the Pigs, Cats, Horses, and other

Sheep they tend to build relationships with. The best matches in relationships are those with people who are tougher and less sensitive. Sheep people do not take criticism well and can become easily stressed over unkind or critical words. Oxen, Rats, Monkeys, and Roosters usually pose problems for Sheep people.

The Sheep Year is known to bring peace and encourage humanity efforts. Love is also in the air during this time and provides an opening for the arts to flourish.