Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Monkey and Rooster

The symbolic animals of the Chinese zodiac are grouped up into pairs relating to their complementary characteristics. For example, the Monkey and Rooster thrive on constant change and are able to rise in their careers despite adjustments that need to be made. The Monkey usually shows great skill and is versatile in their talents. The Rooster is typically ambitious and is good at zeroing in on an objective. In this article, you will learn more about personality traits that are often associated with Rooster and Monkey animal symbols.

The Monkey

Full of charm, the Monkey has a reputation for enticing people with their personality. While the animal is described as clever, quick thinking, and resourceful , they have unflattering traits as well. These characteristics help Monkeys to get out of sticky situations. They may even rely on their humor to break the ice of a tension-filled situation.

Monkeys can be devious and lie when needed. It is in their nature to have the attributes of a trickster. The best place to put a Monkey is in an environment where there is constant change. They enjoy being able to adapt to their surroundings, as they are fast learners, very inventive, and do well in solving problems. Other characteristics of the Monkey include friendliness, intelligence, the tendency to be vain, and a judgmental streak. You never really know what you will get with this type of personality.

In love, they are most compatible with Rats, Dragons, and other Monkeys. With a habit of being friendly to those they come in contact with , they tend to bump heads with a new love in their life. Because of this, it is no wonder that many Monkeys have a tendency to frequently change partners. Usually, they do not gravitate to Tigers and Snakes.

In the Monkey Year, people tend to experience change, instability, and confusion in their love lives, health, and business. During this time period, such things should be pursued with caution.

The Rooster

It’s easy for a Rooster to get caught up in the moment. They pour all of their attention and energy into whatever they have set their eye on. In the process, they have a habit of ignoring and forgetting the people and everything else around them. They usually have an aggressiveness that comes out when they are looking to accomplish a goal. Roosters tend to keep at a fast pace and if you can roll with the punches, they can make fun companions and friends.

Similar to the Monkey, the Rooster enjoys variety in their life and thrives on change , they seek out the action so that they can become a part of it. This animal symbol is honest in their opinions and is straightforward in expressing them. Sometimes, this attribute rubs people the wrong way and their remarks are considered rude. Other characteristics include intelligence, high level of ambition, good organization skills, and efficiency.

In love, Roosters are all or nothing, but prepare to be with someone who enjoys being the center of attention. The best love matches are made with Snakes, Oxen, and Dragons. Monkeys tend to have problems with Cats, Dogs, Monkeys, and other Roosters.

The Rooster Year is characterized by extreme determination. This is the time to pursue career and business ventures. If you have an opportunity to speak out , make sure your voice is clear and can be heard.