Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Rat and Ox

Chinese astrology centers on twelve symbolic creatures , all of which are animals we all know and recognize with the exception of one mythological creature. Dating back to ancient Chinese times, the Dragon is the only mythological animal that makes up the Chinese zodiac. In this article, you will meet the twelve creatures of Chinese astrology.

The Rat

While many people view the rat as a rodent without a purpose, they possess a handful of qualities that can be easily admired. Rats are smart, ambitious and hard working. It is their ambition that makes them able to survive and quickly adapt to their surroundings. Born under the sign of the rat and you’re probably careful with your money. Others may call you stingy. If you are looking to get ahead in your career, it is most likely you will quickly part with your personal funds to realize your goals. On the other hand, rats are generous when it comes to their loved one. Other attributes include friendliness and charm.

Rats are devoted to their career and will bristle at any signs that their plans are being threatened. Usually, you will not know what they have planned because it is often an objective that they keep to themselves. Rats are also honest, but will not hesitate to lie to protect their job.

In love, Rats are most compatible with Monkeys and Dragons. They tend to bump heads with Tigers and Dogs.

In regards to the Rat Year, it is considered a good time to put new plans in motion. Your creative side is most likely to bloom and your artistic flair will emerge. The year means positive things for health and romance. If you wish to reorganize an aspect of your life, the Rat Year is believed to bring the best results.

The Ox

People born under the sign of the Ox are steady, patient, reliable, solid, and sometimes stubborn , just like the animal they represent. While they are known for hard workers, they do not readily embrace innovation. They prefer to stick to the ‘old ways’ and will uphold tradition and the traditional ways of living. With a preference for order, the Ox tends to gravitate towards taking on role associated with authority.

Even though an Ox is intelligent, they are not known for their imagination. Other characteristics include the need for security and a habit for paying too much attention to their materialistic needs.

When looking for love, the Ox needs a little encouragement to get started. They are slow to react, but once they get in the right direction , they are dedicated. Oxen are best matched in love with Snakes and Roosters. They seem to clash with Sheep, Dogs, Tigers, and other Ox people.

The Year of the Ox is the best time to pursue progressing success and stability in life. If you are looking for new projects, this is the time to start something soon. Farmers are said to face prosperity and good harvests in the Ox Year.