Animals of Chinese Zodiac: Tiger and Cat

In Chinese astrology, there is the mighty tiger and the often-aloof cat that accounts for some of the animal symbols of the zodiac. In this article, you will learn some of the characteristics linked to people born under the signs of the Tiger and Cat.

The Tiger Year is known for bringing times of change and turbulence, which could turn out for the good or the bad. Affairs in love tend to turn passionate during this year, while health issues could turn into a problem. You should also beware of accidents during this time period, which can occur unexpectedly.

For the individual born under the sign of the Tiger, they tend to possess characteristics of natural leaders, such as assertiveness, aggression, and a competitive streak. With this symbolic animal comes self-motivation and at times, selfishness. They are often smart and charming, which can easily impress those they come in contact with. It is not surprising that royalty are Tigers because they often reflect a noble personality.

While they are enthusiastic and lively, they can also make decisions that turn into reckless results. They’re also like to take risks and because of these actions, could get you into dangerous situations. This makes many Tigers exciting to be around , although they can tire out the best of friends and family members.

In love, they have streaks of passion and can become the life of the party with their wild antics. Over time, they will settle down. Love matches include Dogs and Horses, and at times, Pigs and Dragons could become a companion. As for Monkeys, Cats and Oxen, Tigers may have problems with these animal symbols.

The Cat

Many people often criticized cats for their independence and how they seem to keep to themselves, which are some of the characteristics seen in people born under this Chinese zodiac sign. Cat people are good to be around and they do enjoy the security of being around others, which makes them excellent friends.

Just like their feline symbol, they know how to survive. Known for their peacemaking ability, Cats do know how to hold their own and fight if they are pushed to. Full of courage, they are known for rising to the occasion. Other characteristics of Cat people are that they are good judges of character and usually have the power to heal. While they are artistic and creative, they can also be quite moody.

In love, they are most compatible with Pigs, Sheep, and most Dogs. They enjoy flirting just for the fun of it, but deep down inside , they long for a relationship that is comfortable and full of warmth. Roosters, Tigers, as well as many Monkeys and Horses do not make good love matches for Cat people.