April Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

While we’re biting our nails for the deadline of Tax Day, the ancient Egyptians knew this date as their time to celebrate a festival devoted to Bast , the goddess known to possess the head of a cat. In this article, you will also learn of the Festival of Water and the Furukawa Matsuri in Japan.

April 15th Birthdays

It is this goddess that is known to personify the ‘creative force of the Sun.’ During these times, it was OK to not fear the black cat. If you lived in ancient Rome, you would have looked forward to celebrating the festival of Tellus Mater, which paid homage to the great mother goddess of the Earth. At the time, the people would devote their prayers for the good of the environment, as they wished for the continued health of the Earth. People with an April 15th birthday must learn how to make the most of their magnetic personality.

April 18th Birthdays

Shrines located all over India receive a great number of visitors as they participate in the festival of Rama-Navami in celebration of the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, the Vedic Sun god who is associated with the order of the cosmos. The Burmese may use this day to clean and polish all of the sacred statues in what is known as the Festival of Water , a part of a New Year celebration. Rams born on this day have a tendency to fight for good causes and strongly stand by their ideals.

April 20th Birthdays

On this day, bulls associated with Taurus are born and usually grow up to embrace the career of an artist, musician, or performer. In Japan, the Furukawa Matsuri takes place on the 19th and 20th of April. However, on the 20th, this day is reserved for the most elegant of the ritual ceremonies. Locals look forward to the festival procession that includes a performance of the lion dance. Court music and the music of the cockfight also play a role in the festivities. The streets also fill with nine festival floats that make this holiday an even more spectacular sight to see.

The second part of April sees the births of many bulls belonging to the zodiac sign of Taurus. Other significant associations to astrology, religion, history, and mythology, include:

April 22nd: Ancient Babylonia celebrated the festival of Ishtar, which paid homage to the goddess of love, sexuality, and fertility. Offerings were made to the goddess in an attempt to increase their health and prosperity.

April 23rd: Ancient Rome celebrated the Vinalia, which was a yearly wine festival that honored Jupiter and Venus.

April 28th: In ancient Roman days, a three-day festival called the Floralia was held to pay homage to the goddess of flowers, youth, sexuality, and the spring season , Flora. It was believed that if offerings were given to the goddess , famine would not come.