Aquarius Zodiac Sign , Careers & Interests

As an Aquarian, have you ever wondered what career best suits your personality , taking into consideration the traits that the planets and stars above may play a role in guiding? What interests could become more than just a hobby? In this article, you will also learn where this zodiac sign feels most comfortable and some of the traditional associations.

19) If you want to drive an Aquarian wild, you may want to focus on the body parts that have been traditionally linked to this zodiac sign. They include the shins, ankles, and circulatory system. Doesn’t a nice rub-down of the body sound nice?

20) As an Aquarian begins a job search, a nice way to seek out employment that speaks to specific zodiac traits, which means their desire to help humanity will certainly play a role. Many Aquarians become scientists, physicists, technologists, electronic engineers, researchers, and those who plough deep into social and charity work. Some find complete joy in astronomy or traveling the world as an ecological consultant.

Since Aquarians face the co-rulership of Saturn, they may find themselves drawn to the past, which could become the entryway to a prosperous career in anthropology or sociology. Other possible career paths that an Aquarian may want to look into, includes astronaut, radiographer, cognitive therapy, inventor, and even an archeologist exploring the fossils linked to a past that truly fascinates them.

21) Looking for a gift to please your Aquarian mate? You should keep in mind that this zodiac sign gravitates to anything that seems different or out of the ordinary. Perhaps, the latest gadget becomes your friend’s new best friend. Some Aquarians are just fine with a subscription to an odd magazine or even a strange site found on the Internet. New Age gifts and crystals are also things that please this sign. A few suggestions include amber, blue obsidian, fluorite, magnetite, and moonstone. Other interests that easily make great gifts for the Aquarian includes wine, health items, or organic products.

22) Did you know that Aquarians are often associated with computers and electricity?

23) Colors that are traditionally connected to the personality of the Aquarian involve various shades of blue. The most appealing to this sign include electric blue, turquoise, and sky blue.

24) If you’re having an Aquarian over for dinner, there are certain foods that have traditionally appealed to the palate of this zodiac sign. When preparing a dish, it wouldn’t hurt to keep add the following ingredients: peppers, chilies, anything with a distinct flavor, and foods that are healthy in nature.

25) To soothe a restless Aquarian, chamomile tea will have a long-lasting effect.

26) When planning a trip with an Aquarian, you should consider some of the locations about the world that places this sign within their natural element. A few destinations that cater to the astrological personality of the water bearer includes Poland, Russia, Los Angeles, Ethiopia, hilly terrain, vineyards, and places that offer access to a natural springs.