Are You a Cancer? 1

Part 4 of 12.  When it comes to the zodiac sign, Cancer , it is the claws of the crab that signify the clingy nature of people born between June 21st and July 22nd. However, when taking a look at the glyph associated with the sign of Cancer, nurturing qualities are also seen in the shape of this symbol. Individuals displaying the characteristics of this sign, have been born under the water element and are often linked to the following commonalities: defensiveness, vulnerability, sympathy, moodiness, ambitiousness, protectiveness, insecurity, manipulation, and sentimentality.

When comparing Cancer to other zodiac signs, you will find that it is the most nurturing of them all and carries characteristics that create a personality quite easy to overlook. A Cancer is rarely “showy.” There are many different levels to the Cancer that makes them a mystery to others. Also, since the sign is linked to the different phases of the Moon, mood swings are common. One minute a Cancer is kind and caring, while the compassion flied right out of the window , causing its touch exterior to emerge. Sometimes, they will indulge in a tirade of self-pity.

It is also typical that Cancers enter a cycle of personal struggle with one another. Sometimes, their ambition and outgoing personality can become at odds with their sensitive side and yearning for attention. While Cancer harbors desires to belong, as well as become part of a family or larger community , there is always the issue of desired success and the fact that some will do almost anything to achieve it, including creating a gap between the ones they love.

The home life is very important to Cancer and whenever a family crisis arises, this disruption has the power to cause emotional unsettling in every other part of Cancer’s life. For example, moving from one house to another is a traumatizing experience for many Cancers. They fall into a slight state of depression or discomfort, as their sentimental side and history or nostalgia pushes them to dwell on all the cherished memories of the past. They are known to cling to the past, as it often serves as a reminder of their present level of security.

In order to get to know the Cancer sign a little better , consider the following facts, which help you gain a better look at the Cancer in your life. If you were born under the sign, perhaps you’ll discover a new side to your personality”¦

1) A typical action of a Cancer is to fall in love with a piece of clothing and continue wearing the piece until the threads fall apart. When shopping, they tend to select fashion that is familiar and comfortable.

2) The birthstone of Cancerians is moonstone. The pearl is also associated with this sign, as well.

3) The water lily symbolizes the receptive nature associated with Cancers.

Look for the continuation of this article and find out what really sets off a Cancer when it comes to making decisions; controlling their emotions and mood; and enjoying an activity best suited to their sign.