Are You a Cancer? 2

As we continue to explore the ins and outs of the zodiac sign of Cancer , you will learn about one of the most significant traits of this sign; some of their strengths and weaknesses; and what kind of activities a Cancer sign may truly enjoy.

4) It is rare to find a Cancer going straight to the point when explaining a part of their life or trying to express themselves. Often times, they become overwhelmed by emotion to the point that their actions are viewed as irrational.

5) The intellectual decision-making of a Cancer is often influenced by the events and relationships experiences of their past.

6) There is nothing that someone born under the Cancer sign wouldn’t do to protect and nurture. They tend to have a second sense when it comes to tuning in to the thoughts and feelings of others. Sometimes, this trait makes it hard for them to pull back from those around them.

7) Since the sign has a tendency to feel as if others are taking advantage of their kindness, they are known to enter fits of mood swings as a result.

8) One of the main strengths of Cancers is their strong level of intuition, where they are always ready to come to the rescue when it comes to the needs of others. They are fierce in their attempts to protect those they love and carry an intensely caring nature.

9) A weakness of the Cancer sign is the high level of emotional sensitivity that can place them in a vulnerable position, where they are overcome with jealousy and possessiveness. They sometimes enter a panic mode and will become hell-bent on gravitating towards anything that signifies a sense of their security.

10) It’s often hard for a Cancer to move past events that have occurred in their past , such as an abusive relationship. When dating this type of individual, they may revert to some of their past experiences to deal with their current situations. This can become a burden and a blessing all at the same time. Usually, an uncomfortable issue arises at some point.

11) Cancers enjoy any activities that deal with water. They take pleasure in events and objects that hold sentimental value. They also enjoy a good meal or two.

12) Cancers tend to shy away from the ‘limelight’ and dislike the emotional dependence that others tend to display.

13) When it comes to money, a Cancer feels most comfortable when they have a sizable nest egg set away. Outsiders view Cancers as stingy, while loved ones know better , they are generous with family and friends. In regards to business matters, those born under the Cancer sign usually run their own businesses because they are known to rarely trust anyone. When deciding on an investment, they often proceed with caution.

In the third and last installment of this article, you will find the answers to the following questions: what are Cancer children like; what career best suits the Cancer sign; and what would make the best relocation site for a Cancer?