Are You a Cancer? 3

In this article, you will learn about some of the characteristics that children born under the Cancer sign often possess, as well as a few hints on how to keep a Cancer interested and happy.

14) Children under the Cancer sign require the stability of a protective homelife, and tend to crave for the attention of their parents. It is not uncommon to see these children extremely close to their parents. In order for children of this sign to shed their shyness and come out of their shell, parents need to make sure they shower their kids with extra encouragement.

15) A few careers that seem made just for the Cancer sign includes nursing, social worker, midwife, nanny, and nursery school teacher. Food and cooking is often associated with Cancers, making catering a decent occupation. Some Cancers also become chefs, hoteliers, and also pursue textile design and interior decorating. Working close to water, Cancers make excellent boat builders, fishermen, and sailors. When looking for a change of pace , suggest antique dealership, museum curation, becoming a historian, and entering the business world as possible job opportunities.

16) When Cancers like to have fun in their spare time, needlework, do-it-yourself projects, knitting, collecting antiques, browsing the wares at a flea market, and attending a party are all possible activities to suggest. A strong connection to water makes sailing, swimming, and fishing a great way to pass the time with a friend born under the sign of Cancer. Encourage a Cancer friend to pursue a hobby in photography if they already don’t show an interest.

17) When Christmas rolls around, consider antique delights as a possible gift. Other items to consider include silver jewelry or anything with pearls is suitable.

18) Cancers are usually happiest in the middle of the summertime.

19) Monday is often associated with those born under the sign of Cancer.

20) It is not uncommon to find that Cancers are attracted to the following colors: gray, white, and green.

21) When preparing a meal for a Cancer, you may select a winning combination when using shellfish, mushrooms, squash, cucumber, melon, milk, lettuce, cabbage, and papaya in your dishes. Foods with high water content are also pleasing the palate of a Cancer. Season their meals with spearmint, peppermint, and tarragon.

22) When looking for the perfect flowers to brighten up the day of your sweetie , choose white roses, water lilies, marigolds, honeysuckle, dog tooth violets, lotus, and wild flowers.

23) Animals that a Cancer can most identify with include frogs and the crab, of course.

24) If you are a Cancer looking for a relocation , some of the best places suited to this zodiac sign includes Scotland, Canada, the Netherlands, Venice, Amsterdam, Italy, and New York City. Any locations that placing a Cancer close to or on the water are also suggested. Cities by large rivers and the sea often bring peace into the lives of Cancers. Build a house near water (such as a small lake) and watch your creativity blossom.

25) Silver and copper items often attract the eye of someone born under the sign of Cancer. When looking for an exotic piece of jewelry that ‘speaks’ to Cancers , look into the power of amber, calcite, emeralds, opals, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, rubies, moss agate, and fire agate.