Are You a Gemini? Cont.

Part 3 of 12 cont. In this article, we will take a look at some of the career paths a Gemini is most likely to take, as well as suggestions for a couple of locations in the world that are most favorable to the mind and habits of a Gemini.

12) It is not uncommon to find a shop-a-holic born under the sign of Gemini.

13) If you really want to tick off a Gemini , put them in a room with peace and quiet, allow them to wallow in boredom or loneliness, and don’t listen to anything they have to say.

14) When it comes to money, Gemini may show tendencies to toss the dice or flip the card every now and then, as some are natural gamblers. They are also more likely to come up with a get-rich-quick scheme or pull a financial fast one on you.

15) If you give birth to a Gemini, make sure to foster their need to communicate and explore. Also, if they are not given outlets, a bored Gemini child will most likely resort to destructive and undesirable behavior.

16) Good career paths for the Gemini tend to surround journalism, broadcasting, teaching, navigation, advertising, selling, travel, and of course , communication.

17) The day of the week associated with a Gemini is Wednesday.

18) Did you know that green tourmaline (the birthstone of Gemini) could be used to calm the nerves?

19) Gemini is most happy when it is early summer.

20) Animals associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini include monkeys, butterflies, parrots, and small birds, such as the magpie.

21) Don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend is fond of nuts, seeds, and vegetables that are cultivated above the ground (with the exception of cabbage).

22) Want to brighten up the day of a Gemini? Choose tansy, lavender, lily of the valley, and ferns when paying a visit to the florist.

23) Some of the gathering spots that seem to attract Gemini include playhouses, learning institutions, barns, and places that offer landscape settings, such as hills and mountains.

24) When cooking, use parsley, aniseed, marjoram, and caraway seeds to please your Gemini dining guest.

25) When choosing a piece of jewelry for your Gemini sweetie, he or she may respond best to aquamarine, sapphire, tiger’s eye, topaz, and citrine.

26) Some of the best places for a Gemini to live include Belgium, North America, England (especially London), Italy, Spain, Germany, and hot spots like San Francisco and New York City.

27) You can plant a nut-bearing tree (like a hazel tree) in the backyard to please a Gemini.

28) The body parts associated with an individual born under the sign of Gemini is the nervous and respiratory system, hands, arms, and the thymus.

29) If you’d like to show a Gemini a good time , consider racquet sports, yoga, or tai chi for something different. These are the kind of leisure activities that keep the body in motion, but still very much utilize the mind in a positive manner.