Are You a Gemini?

Part 3 of 12. If you celebrate a birthday between May 21st and June 20th, then you are a Gemini , the astrological sign associated with the twins and represented by the Roman numeral II (which makes a reference to the duality connected to the zodiac sign. As a Gemini, you’ve probably been told that you are a good communicator, versatile, inquisitive, sociable, witty, cunning, as well as two-faced, fickle, and restless.

Overall, you will find that this dual personality of Gemini will play an important role in the lives of people born under this sign. Below you will find a collection of observations that often run true for the majority of Gemini scattered across the world:

1) The personality of Gemini is ever changing in fleeting moments. Have you ever encountered a Gemini that is sincere, charming, and talking up a storm one moment and then shows flashes of a surly attitude without warning?

2) When comparing Gemini to the rest of the zodiac signs, you will find that it is the most sociable and talkative of them all.

3) Some say that Gemini are usually “children at heart” and fight any attempts to fully mature.

4) A hint of practical joker is found in many Gemini, as they often take pleasure in tricks and solving puzzles.

5) It’s hard for a Gemini to admit when they are incorrect.

6) While Gemini is constantly looking for new things to get into, they rarely see through the many ideas that randomly pop into their heads.  It is this lack of concentration and focus that usually hinders a Gemini from reaching their true potential when making real progress in their life.

7) With a jolt of sarcasm and a manipulating tone of voice, Gemini usually possesses the power to persuade people into thinking the same things they deem true and correct.

8) When it comes to emotions, Gemini is not as comfortable as everyone else in regards to showing their true colors and sharing deep feelings. If you’re ever trying to dig deep into the center of their mind, they are quick to use talking and changing the subject as an effective distraction. When a Gemini is allowed to emotionally burn out , it is not uncommon to sink into a deep depression.

9) One of the greatest strengths that Gemini possesses is their diverse mind, which serves as a never ending fountain for ideas. They are also natural multi-taskers.

10) If you have a Gemini for a friend, keep in mind that they are notorious for indulging in gossip and if there’s a big secret you don’t want to get out , they have a knack for spilling the beans.

11) Usually, a Gemini is most interested in theater, books, the Internet, games, puzzles, writing tools, and journalism. When looking for a good birthday gift, try the latest in gadgets, especially if it has something to do with communication. You may also have the latest best seller delivered to their home, spring for a pair of theatre tickets, have a pen engraved with their name, or find a meaningful piece of jewelry.