Are You a Leo? Part 1

It is a lion’s mane that represents the zodiac sign of Leo, who is associated with born between July 23rd and August 22nd.  Reflecting the regal nature of the sign, it is the King of the Jungle you see serving as a visual reminder. Usually, one is not surprised when their Leo family or friends displays the common characteristics and personality traits of: endurance, pride, enthusiasm, generosity, playfulness, conceit, and benevolence. Leos are often described as having quite an opinion; being full of drama; and may display an overbearing disposition.

When getting to know the Leo sign much better, below you will find a collection of observations that seem to match most personalities, traits, and preferences of the Leo sign:

1) It is usually rather hard to ignore the presence of a Leo.

2) A Leo love life and is often found at the center of attention. They demand to be noticed. This is just a sign of their natural habit to rule.

3) One of Leo’s strengths is their high level of creativity; they are also warm in nature and have a knack for lighting up the lives of those they come in contact with.

4) However, the Leo can become weak in the sense that they may become too domineering over their loved ones. Sometimes, they try too hard to look good in front of others. They are also prone to falling victim to pride and arrogance. It is not uncommon to look at a Leo and call them somewhat of a snob. Also, since they are often naïve and trust others easily , people find it irresistible to take advantage of a Leo.

5) With a tendency to take on organizational roles, a Leo may give into a compulsion to control others, which usually does not rub off well on others.

6) In the workplace, a female Leo is most likely to lead the pack and take on a position as chairmen of the board. She will also make a great team leader.

7) When it comes to the mind of a Leo, it is pretty hard to change. They are stubborn and when you want to changed there mind about anything , you have a nearly impossible journey ahead. Unfortunately, a lot of Leos often form their opinions at a young age and it is quite hard to sway them even different.

8) One of the strongest emotions associated with a Leo is their pride.

9) It is not uncommon to learn that an artist is a Leo. They have a great sense of creativity.

10) Many Leos enjoy a nice glass of fine wine. They are also quite fond of shopping, a tasty meal, attending the arts, as well as enjoying an opera performance.

11) If you really want to send a Leo into a flight of annoyance, say something that puts them down.

12) Leo’s tend to spend and has a tendency to spend more than they have in their possession. However, even if a Leo is down on their luck , they are still generous in nature.