Are You a Leo? Part 2

As you further explore the ins and outs of the zodiac sign of Leo , consider the following observations that have shown a bit of coincidence in many born between July 23rd and August 22nd.

13) As a parent, Leo is gentle and creative. They tend to play a lot of games with their children. The child born under the sign of the Leo is usually the gem that stands out from the rest. It is not uncommon to find a Leo child spoiled rotten by their parents.

14) When looking for activities to get your Leo child more involved with others , consider enrolling them in a dance or drama class.

15) As a Leo graduates and begins looking for a career to call their own, their personality and traits usually fits under the following job choices: television producer, actor, dancer, fashion model, rock and roll band member, sportscaster, or fashion designer. Since they enjoy being an authority figure, becoming a teacher, politician, judge, lawyer, or head of fundraising is not out of the ordinary as career choices. Since they are often associated with the heart , a Leo would make a great cardiologist.

16) Want to show a Leo a good time while on a date. Play to the leisure pursuits that best accommodate their nature. This includes dancing, aerobics, or joining in on team sports. A nice trip to the beach is also a great idea to keep a Leo busy. Other enjoyments can come when going out to eat, attending a theater performance, going on a shopping trip, or playing a nice board game.

17) When you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Leo , think big and choose items that appear flashy and expensive. Book a suite at a hotel and get pampered at the onsite spa. Attend the opera with great box seats. Gold trinkets and cashmere sweaters are also pluses in Leo’s book.

18) When looking for birthstone jewelry to please your Leo sweetie , consider the ruby or cat’s eye.

19) Leos tend to prefer Sundays above all other days of the week.

20) A Leo seems truly content when the late summer season arrives.

21) Want to drive a Leo crazy? Touch their spine or lower back, which are the body parts most associated with this zodiac sign.

22) When looking for items that display the favorite color of Leos , they seem to be attracted to oranges, yellows, reds, and greens.

23) Animals most associated with the Leo sign is domesticated cats, lynxes, and of course , the lion.

24) When cooking a meal for a Leo , season their dishes with fennel, anise, saffron, and rosemary. Chamomile tea could make a great after-dinner beverage. Ingredients to please the palate of a Leo may include parsley, walnuts, honey, watercress, spinach, kale, and meats.

25) When looking for a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your Leo love of your life  – consider sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, lavender, poppies, yellow lilies, and mistletoe.

26) If your Leo friend asks you where they should vacation at when they are ready for a change of scenery , choose the locations best suited for this zodiac sign, which includes Rome, France, Italy, Turkey, India, Chicago, Philadelphia, jungle landscapes, desert terrain, and places situated close to the woods or a forest.