Are You a Libra? An Introduction to the Libra

With the Scales of Justice representing this zodiac sign, it is no wonder that the nature of a Libra is often described as one who likes to weight the pros and cons of a situation before taking a course of action. Individuals born between September 23rd and October 22nd are the Venus-ruled Libras that is often associated with being harmonious, cooperative, indecisive, compromising, insecure, judgmental, and determined. It is also not uncommon for a Libra to come across as a perfectionist as well.

Over the years, you may read observations of Libras and encounter information that this is the most balanced of signs n the zodiac, but this is not always the case. The personality of a Libra can shift at any time , wavering between various extremes or simply choosing to stay out of a matter. The sociable nature of a Libra may give into resorting to any tactic in order to uphold harmony in a situation. They are known as ‘people pleasers’ that will take a life absent of discord over telling the truth. It isn’t beneath a Libra to lie and manipulate others just to keep life continuing in the path they deem worthy. In an attempt to keep everyone happy , Libra may compromise and adjust their character just to keep the peace. You may never even realize just how tough a Libra can become.

When pursuing a relationship with this sign, you should keep in mind that they are often the type of person to feel whole when in a relationship and really doesn’t do being ‘alone” very well. They will use all of their traits to the fullest in order to snatch the love of their life. Yes, just like any other sign , Libra has its fair share of weaknesses, strengths, quirks, as well as ups and downs. To learn more about this balanced zodiac sign, consider the following observations that seem universally coincidental when exploring the mind and habits of a Libra:

1) Even though a Libra appears laidback and rarely looks out of place , they still have a tendency to check themselves in the mirror.

2) It is quite essential for a Libra to enter a relationship that is nurturing and loving , anything else completely breaks their heart. This is the kind of happiness that this sign craves.

3) Abstract thought is not beyond the mind of a Libra, who usually has quite an active brain. When working with a Libra , they are most likely the participants to come up with a great planning strategy to follow. But beware , you are in for a real surprise if you enter any kind of debate with this sign.

4) Despite possessing the ability to see all sides of a coin, Libra likes to stay clear of making any true associations to any side. This is often seen as a weakness.