Are You a Libra? Leisure, Food, and Fun

When born between September 23rd and October 22nd, you belong to the zodiac sign of Libra (the one connected to the scales). To learn more about the commonalities often connected to Libras, take a look at the last installment of zodiac sign facts.

21) When shopping for a Christmas or birthday gift for a Libra, you will find it hard to truly please this sign if you settle on a tasteless gesture or something with a skimpy price tag. This is part of their taste in the things that most interest them. If you don’t want to disappoint, a gift certificate to an exclusive shop is the safest bet if you have no clue what kind of gift to buy.

22) It is said that a Libra is most happy during the middle of autumn.

23) It seems that a Libra thrives best when it is Friday.

24) Wine and music are two deep associations with the Libra.

25) The birthstone of the Libra sign is the sapphire and the opal.

26) If you are looking for a crystal suitable enough to give Libra as a gift, try considering the ones that best complement the personality of this zodiac sign, such as aquamarine, ametrine, bloodstone, green tourmaline, jade, lapis, lazuli, moonstone, peridot, topaz, and mahogany obsidian.

27) When purchasing gifts for a Libra, colors that best match this zodiac sign include lemon yellow, amber, dark crimson, black, pink, and pale blue.

28) To stock the refrigerator and cupboards with food that a visiting Libra would enjoy, consider strawberries, watercress, milk, honey, artichokes, wheat, asparagus, all sorts of fruit, and plenty of spices. If you are preparing a meal for a Libra, don’t forget to use spices commonly associated with this sign, such as thyme and parsley.

29) When looking for a new home, a yard with an ash, white sycamore, poplar, fig, lilac, or juniper trees is considered a good sign.

30) Small lizards and reptiles would make the perfect pet for a Libra child. Swans and all other small animals are also associated with this zodiac sign.

31) When booking your next vacation with a Libra, some of the places that may most pique their interest include China, Burma, Argentina, Vienna, Tibet, Portugal, France, and Lisbon. The alpine region of Austria is also a delightful place for a Libra to explore. Taking a trip on a large cruise liner is usually a job for this particular zodiac sign.

32) The physiology that usually corresponds to Libras are the kidneys, the endocrine system, and the lumbar region.

33) Want to do something fun with your Libra friend? It is not unusual to find he or she playing racquet games, dancing, Tai Chi, and swimming. Joining a health club with your friend come become a nice activity to participate in. Home and garden ventures are also favorite activities for the Libra. Quiet activities like taking photos, painting portraits, reading, and listening to music keep a Libra busy. They also enjoy attending art exhibitions, checking out the latest theater entry, shopping, dancing the night away at a nightclub, and attending a concert , a great way to let their sociable side run wild.