Are You a Libra? Parents and Children

As you explore the ins and outs of the zodiac sign of Libra, this third installment of information will reveal some of the things individuals born between September 23rd and October 22nd usually enjoy participating in, as well as a few foods commonly associated with this sign.

13) Since personal relationships are important to Libras, they may compromise their own values for others and in the end , lose a piece of them. In relationships, Libra approaches their mate with truth and openness.

14) It is not uncommon to see your Libra friend gravitating to peace and harmony, satisfying environments, and the arts. Some of the things Libras dislike include arguments, disagreements, and those who share a difference in opinion.

15) It is not uncommon to find a Libra grabbing a pint of strawberries when shopping at the grocery store, as this ‘food of love’ is a favorite.

16) It is the dove (universally seen as a symbol of peace) that is often associated with Libras.

17) Parents born under the sign of Libra tend to engage in some of the best playtimes with their kids, as long as the games do not involve confrontational situations. Strict rules for their children is usually unheard of and when their kid does something wrong , it is usually kindness that a Libra parent resorts to. However, the child of a Libra parent better stay on top of their schoolwork, as this is an area of their child’s life that the perfection streak will emerge.

18) Children born under the sign of Libra learn at a young age how to quickly please those around them and are considered natural mediators. Gentle coaxing complements the Libra child, as this fosters their tendency to focus on others. This people-oriented child enjoys the comfort of a sociable environment where cooperation trumps a competitive nature. At a young age, this child will also learn the power of how to love and embracing the arts.

19) If you are a Libra and looking for a career, you should pursue job positions that deal with interior design, set design, graphic design, and beauty. It is suggested to also look into careers, such as image consultant, personal shopper, art dealer, and anything involving the music business. Since good looks usually run in the Libra family, becoming a model isn’t out of the ordinary either. Since diplomacy and fairness is associated with the personality of a Libra, following the career path of a welfare employee, judge, lawyer, diplomat, management consultant, or property negotiator is not such a bad idea. Also, don’t be too surprised if you find fellow Librans in the sex therapy, hairdressing, or veterinarian science field.

20) On Valentine’s Day, forgo the roses and present your Libra sweetie with violets, pansies, primroses, dahlias, and daisies. Actually, any kind of blue flower will make a Libra smile.