Are You a Sagittarius , Career & Happiness

In this final installment of exploring individuals born between November 22nd and December 21st , you will learn some of the favorite things of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. If you want to know the best career paths to suggest to your Sagittarius friend, learn how to keep a Sagittarius happy, or cook a meal that corresponds to traditional likes of this sign , continue reading.

20) When looking for a career that suits a Sagittarius, a profession that allows an individual to exercise their freedom and use their intellect is best. This may include becoming a pilot, travel guide, tutor, lecturer, philosopher, lawyer, teacher, bookseller, publisher, author, or a public relations consultant. It is also not uncommon to meet priests and experts in feng shui who are born under the sign of the archer. Sagittarians also carry a sporty streak and may enjoy heading a sports center or offering fitness advice as a personal trainer.

21) When you wish to keep your Sagittarius friend happy, it is recommended to study some of the things that best suit this sign. Since sports is an interest of the archer , why not suggest a fun hiking trip, camping in the woods, snow boarding in Aspen, or playing an energetic game or sport. Surfing, horseback riding, volleyball, mountain biking, basketball and of course archery are just some of the activities you may suggest when the two of you have become bored. If sports aren’t your cup of tea, there are other things that a Sagittarius will take pleasure participating in with you. This sign shows an interest in studying religions, languages, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. A good party never hurt a Sagittarius. Reading and writing are also favorite pastimes, so perhaps this sign wouldn’t mind accompanying you to the library.

22) Although the tomato is associated with Sagittarius, it doesn’t mean they will always embrace this item in cooking. To prepare a meal to suit this sign, consider the following ingredients: asparagus, currants, mulberries, grapefruit, and any vegetable with a bulb. These are the kind of foods mostly linked with this sign.

23) Traditionally, the winter season is often associated with the Sagittarian.

24) Thursday is a great day of the week to visit your Sagittarius friend.

25) Common associations with this zodiac sign include horses, animals with hooves, tin, travel, and books.

26) It is not uncommon to learn that the favorite color of a Sagittarius is purple, yellow, green, or a shade of dark royal blue.

27) When a lime, mulberry, oak, birch, ash, or chestnut tree is planted in the yard of a Sagittarius , it is a good sign. Good luck plants for this sign include wood betony, narcissus, horsetail, carnations, and goldenrods.

28) When looking for a great vacation spot to accommodate the personality of a Sagittarius , the following suggestions have been linked to traditional preferences: China, India, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Tuscany, and Toronto. Fields, hills, and high places are also attractive locations for the Sagittarius to enjoy.