Are You a Sagittarius , Parenting and Children

Continuing the exploration of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, this article will touch upon the parenting skills of an individual born November 22nd and December 21st. Children born under the sign of the archer are also discussed, as well as money matters.

15) To please the Sagittarius, you may want to become familiar with some of their likes. Traveling is one of the best activities that this zodiac sign enjoys. They cherish they’re freedom, so if you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius , it’s suggested not to ‘smother’ this companion. Wide-open spaces are appealing to the Sagittarius, so a nice walk in a never-ending field isn’t too out of the ordinary for this sign. They also enjoy being in the company of their good friends , so look forward to many fine times with this sign.

16) As a boyfriend or girlfriend to the Sagittarius zodiac sign , trying to tie down your mate isn’t a good idea. If you attempt to keep Sagittarius to a monotonous routine, they will most likely try to rebel.

17) As a Sagittarian parent, you will find yourself more adventurous than the other parents on the block. This parents’ idea of having a good time with their kids is going off on adventures and engage in explorative traveling that encourage their children to embrace the thrill of taking risks. It is not uncommon to see Sagittarian parents to take on the friendship role more than a disciplinarian. Their methods of teaching their children a lesson in good behavior is often viewed as disorganized and is usually avoided at all costs.

18) Children born between November 22nd and December 21st come out of the womb asking questions and exploring their surroundings. A joy to be around, their enthusiasm is contagious. It is not unusually for a Sagittarius child to run about the house as a youth, as they rarely stand still for a second and give into the urge to always be on the move. Overall, this sort of child usually stays out of trouble, but when faced with a confrontation, a slight stretch of the truth is a possibility. In order to enjoy their adventurous side, this type of child love new educational experiences and takes pleasure in their self-expression. In order to coax this child into understanding the value of responsibility, a parent may have to introduce a pet into his or her life.

19) If you ever want to go into business with a Sagittarius, you probably would like to know how they handle their money. A Sagittarius is known for its extravagance and likes to spend what they have (and even what they don’t have). It is rather common to see a Sagittarius run up great debt. A Sagittarius is the type of individual who may ignore their bank statements and doesn’t keep track of where they place their money. If they loan money to a friend, they may forget who, what, and when. When it comes to money, a Sagittarius is susceptible to the thrill of gambling. This zodiac sign is also seen as a prime candidate for get-rich quick schemes.