Are You a Sagittarius – “Strengths and Weaknesses”

When continuing your exploration of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, there are certain weaknesses and strengths that emerge as a commonality amongst many of the people born between November 22nd and December 21st. To learn more about this astrological sign, consider the information below:

9) The sign of Sagittarius is often associated with telling the truth, but from time to time is known to exaggerate when retelling a story or recounting an event. This especially takes place when an encounter isn’t as exciting as they would like it to be and they need to say something in an effort to spice up their experiences.

10) Beware of the tongue of the Sagittarius, as they will use their words to lash out on people who are not treating them nicely; are consumed with boredom; and are being ignored by their companions. Basically, their language is seen as a keen defensive tool. A common approach is to use the truth as a way to hurt others , using their words in such a way as to deliver a powerful blow.

11) Emotions are something that a Sagittarius would like to ignore. Thinking about their emotions is something they are usually not willing to freely discuss. It is not uncommon to encounter shallowness in what a Sagittarius considers an emotion.

12) Sagittarius is viewed as one of the most optimistic and enthusiast of the zodiac signs. They often use this as a way to mask any sense of self-doubt or insufficiency they may feel deep down inside.

13) The traditional strengths of a Sagittarius include their high level of enthusiasm. When working with others, they deliver a hefty dose of creativity to their team. When any opportunities arise, a Sagittarius is great at taking advantage of these moments and initiating progress. Their sense of adventure and imagination will also become an asset in their future. With a passion for helping others, Sagittarians are good at sensing when someone needs help. Underdogs usually benefit from the compassion of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

14) Some of the weaknesses associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign include a tactless manner that can easily offend those they work with or live with. Since they possess a personality that looks towards self-empowerment and freedom, some may look at these sorts of individuals as hard to trust and lacking reliability. Since they move in on opportunity rather quickly, Sagittarius may ignore their true responsibilities. If it’s detail that you’re looking for , Sagittarius is one of the last zodiac signs you probably want to turn towards for help.

In the next installment associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, you will learn about some of the likes and dislikes of this sign that could prove helpful for someone dating a Sagittarius. When considering money matters that involve this sign or looking to start a family with a Sagittarius, look for the article titled ” Are You a Sagittarius , Parenting and Children” for more details.