Are You a Scorpio? An Introduction

Have you ever wondered what is hiding behind the dark, brooding eyes of your Scorpio mate or what your friend is thinking when they fall into a serious stare? As you follow the ins and outs of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, you will find that the sting of the scorpion is often depicted as a barbed glyph. In this article, you will gain insight on Scorpio people, who are often described as intense, magnetic, powerful, sensual, secretive, mysterious, suspicious, controlling, vindictive, and at times , self-destructive.

Individuals who display the characteristics and traits often associated with this zodiac are born between October 23rd and November 21st. Although Scorpios are seen as charismatic, they are often difficult to get to truly know and many are just find with this trait. With a charm that borderlines dangerous, Scorpio love the secrecy they possess and aren’t afraid to embrace it. Their personality is viewed as displaying a high level of intuitiveness, as they possess a gift of understanding others very well. Usually, a Scorpio can pick up on the feelings that others around them may try to hide.

When you are ready to enter the world of Scorpio, consider some of the following commonalities that have been associated with this zodiac sign for many, many years:

1) Since Scorpio is pretty good at gaining insight into the heart and mind of those around them, they may use this knowledge to manipulate others in an attempt to better his or her own personal interests.

2) If there is a rule to break, don’t be surprised if your Scorpio friend is right there in line , going where no man or woman has ever gone before.

3) It isn’t uncommon to find a Scorpio who suffers from feelings of inadequacy. In an attempt to mask these insecurities, an individual born under the sign may showcase arrogance.

4) Did you know that a Scorpio is one of the most likely signs to suspect betrayal and abandonment? This is one of their faults that are usually played out in the way they treat certain people.

5) The personality of Scorpio is often looked at as resistant to change.

6) When it comes to pleasing others, Scorpio finds it very difficult to say ‘no.’ It could become the answer that will make life much easier for them and they will still find a way not to give a complete ‘no.’

7) Following in their self-destructive footsteps regarding the zodiac sign , Scorpio can cut their nose despite their face and in the end, have no idea what possessed them to act in the way that they did.

8) When problems arise, Scorpio is rather astute and meets obstacles head on.

9) Scorpios are good at blending logic and intuition when coming up with a plan.

As you continue to explore the personality of Scorpio, look for additional articles that take a look at some of the strongest emotions linked to this zodiac sign, as well as what kind of character ‘streak’ they have going for them that may become a turn-off in the future.