Are You a Scorpio? Strengths & Weaknesses

In order to learn what makes those born under the sign of Scorpio (October 23rd and November 21st), you need to dig deep into their weaknesses and strengths. What sends the emotions of a Scorpio soaring through the roof and what are some of the flaws should you be on the lookout for when having this zodiac sign as a best friend or”¦lover.

10) As they approach motivating factors, Scorpio is known to fall into a pit of self-criticism.

11) The personality of the Scorpio harbors their own suspicions, as they often dwell on things that have hurt them in the past. As a result, vengeful thoughts are allowed to fester , which means an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that is a Scorpio could mean watch your back if you’ve ‘done them wrong.’

12) Have you ever heard about the person that forgives, but never forgets? Well, this phrase was made to fit the life of a Scorpio.

13) The emotions associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio are best described as intense to the point that love and jealousy are strongly felt.

14) Some of the strengths associated with Scorpios include their resilience and staying power. They are also great at digging deep into the soul of an individual.

15) When taking a look at their weaknesses, you will find that Scorpio can become a compulsive and obsessive mess. Since they appear touchy at times, they may zero in or gravitate to those who they feel they can easily take control of. Just think of the scorpion. Isn’t their sting lethal? These are the same characteristics associated with the Scorpio.

16) Scorpio is sometimes seen as a glamorous zodiac sign. This is probably why dark red roses are connected to individuals born under this sign, as they serve as a symbol of the passion they possess.

17) When you cross a Scorpio when they are having a bad day – make sure to watch out for the spitefulness that may come as a result.

18) If you want to make a Scorpio happy , play to some of the things they are traditionally connected to , including thrill-seeking sports, erotic and exotic things, as well as anything that brings about a sense of mystery. If you ever need someone to help you formulate the perfect plan for revenge , your Scorpio friend is the one you should have by your side.

19) Want to give your Scorpio friend a boost of energy by presenting them with a crystal? Choose one that is traditionally connected to this sign, such as malachite, aquamarine, emerald, garnet, green tourmaline, moonstone, obsidian, and rubies.

So now that you know what makes a Scorpio tick and how you can make one happy , let’s take a look at what children and parents born under this zodiac sign showcase within their respective roles? Are they sensitive? As parents, do they let their kids get away with murder? What kind of students are the children?