Are You a Taurus? Part 2

When it comes to both people and property, those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus can become rather possessive. Their self-indulgence can create friction amongst family and friends. However, the desire to receive the best treatment and enjoy finer things in life have not clouded the judgment of this sign, as get-rich-quick schemes never interest them and they instead find better (safer) ways to invest their money. Once the pot grows, they will seek the luxury items.

A Taurean likes comfort and will purchase the best food and seek out good company, Luxurious items often catch their eye and they also like to indulge in sex. When things go awry, many born under this sign will head for a store to feel better after making a purchase. As for their dislikes, they do not like change or things that seem uncertain. They don’t like being rushed, so if it seems you are going to be late , hurrying a Taurean only causes further agitation. They also despise feeling without food, cold, or any kind of discomfort.

Job Suggestions

When a Taurean hits the work world, there are certain jobs that seem to complement their temperament better than others. Since they are interested in enjoying the finer things in cuisine, pursuing a job as a restaurateur or food critic isn’t a bad idea. Since wiling away the days in a garden is heaven for some Taurus, becoming a landscape gardener, organic farmer, architect, or estate agent is acceptable. Additional jobs that fit the personality of the Taurus sign include: musician, singer, antique dealer, administrator, banker, investment broker, office manager, or government employee.


When dating a Taurean, you probably would like to know what kind of date to suggest that will seem accommodating to this kind of personality. There is no doubt that wining and dining a Taurus love is a good suggestion. Since they enjoy art and antiques, perhaps recommend a trip to the local museum or gallery. For the more active pursuits, consider dancing, walking, or attending a yoga class.

When looking to purchase a gift for your Taurean, you can’t go wrong with the gold watch or preparing a gourmet meal from scratch. If you can’t cook , contact the nearest caterer. As Christmas time rolls around, don’t forget the following selections that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones face: expensive chocolates, scented oils and lotions, silk pajamas, and/or satin lingerie.

What Complements a Taurus?

To better learn the ins and outs of a Taurus, you should know that late spring is typically their prime time of years and Friday is the best day for them. The number 6 hold significance to the Taurus, while their birthstone of emerald makes a great gift. The throat, neck, vocal cords, and ears are body parts associated with this zodiac sign, as well as nature, singing, wealth, and possessions. When looking for just the right color for a Taurus, consider pink, green, pale blue, or white. When preparing a meal for a Taurus character, don’t be surprised if they favor apples, spinach, wheat, cereal, grapes, pears, and artichokes. To season their meal, they may prefer sage, mint, and thyme.