Are You a Virgo? An Introduction

When taking a look at the glyph for the zodiac sign of Virgo, you will find that it resembles a maiden holding an ear of wheat. With this association, it is the productive nature linked to the sign of people born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Along with this characteristic that seems to follow Virgos wherever they go , they are typically described as analytical, efficient, perfectionist, submissive, modest, and at times , narrow minded.

Typically, the personality of a Virgo is known to be quiet and “self-contained.” It is the personality of the Virgo that allows them to perform in an efficient manner on a routine basis. Doesn’t it seem that most Virgos tend to have all of their matters under control? On the job, aren’t these the people who display workaholic tendencies? You can usually count on a Virgo to get the job done.

However, this particular trait can become somewhat of a nuisance when they simply cannot allow anything to not come out ‘just right.’ Failure is not an option and at times , dealing with such a critical personality is a cumbersome road to travel. When a co-worker is born under the sign of Virgo, keep an eye out for excessive worry, as this can lead to nervous exhaustion , which is a real drag if you have a big project coming up with a Virgo partner. To gain a better understanding of the Virgo, consider the following observations that are usually typical of this zodiac sign:

1) When it comes to the mind of a Virgo, they are often quite intellectual.

2) It is said that the Virgo worries too much, which can lead to an issue with nervous tension. Sometimes, their thoughts are so powerful , they may actually cause sickness with their worry.

3) Emotions are a tricky thing for a Virgo, as they don’t like to display the things that are lurking deep down from within. It is not uncommon for Virgos to face troubles concerning their emotions, which can easily become confusing to decipher , especially when it comes to those of a sexual nature.

4) The strengths of a Virgo are seen in their integrity, practicality (in regards to creativity), reliability, and common sense. Their eye for detail also becomes a positive trait they are known to possess. Even their habit to stay quiet and reserved can become a strength under various circumstances.

5) While an eye for detail is considered a plus for Virgos , when the habit becomes extreme (teetering on obsession), this strength can transform into a weakness. Others will also note that a Virgo can become self-righteous and overly critical at times. Since they possess high standards in regards to perfection, they can face a preoccupation with the level of their self-esteem, as well as self-doubt.

Are you considering creating a partnership with a Virgo? Are you worried about how the financial end will play out? In Part 2 of this exploration of the zodiac sign, you will learn why a Virgo could become one of the best individuals to start a business with.