Are You a Virgo? Having Fun & More

Impress a Virgo by tapping into some of the skills and interests that many seem to share. In this article, you will learn of some of the leisurely pursuits often associated with this zodiac sign, such as woodcarving. You will also find out some cool gift suggestions based upon commonalities often associated with Virgos.

12) Harvests are often associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo.

13) Are you looking for a gift to give your Virgo honey and are stumped? By looking at some of the personality traits and interests often associated with this zodiac sign, try considering a membership to the local health club. Give the gift of having their favorite magazine delivered to their home. Relaxation is a great gesture for a Virgo, as soothing bath oils are certainly a welcomed treat.

14) Virgo possesses a strong connection to health and fitness, so whenever they are given the chance for a little pampering, they are quite happy.

15) Virgos are happiest when the leaves are just starting to fall in early autumn.

16) It seems that most Virgos gravitate to doing more on Wednesdays , so says the zodiac.

17) If you’re looking for a crystal that empowers the Virgo sign, consider the following selections: amazonite, amber, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, moonstone, opal, purple obsidian, and sapphire.

18) To suggest a fun event to share with your Virgo mate, their personality may reflect an interest in participating in team games. Cycling, walking, and yoga are also leisurely pursuits that may tickle the fancy of a Virgo. Since arts and crafts are a favorite of many Virgos, perhaps a session of woodcarving, needlepoint, or carpentry is possible. Participating in a class that teaches new skills in the above trades is something a Virgo would enjoy. The precision and efficiency often associated with a Virgo is also satisfied when playing a nice game of chess in the park or spending time in front of a computer.

19) Colors that are mostly related to the Virgo sign include green, black, navy blue, dark gray, and brown. Things that display speckles and spots are also attractive to the sign.

20) When cooking a meal for a Virgo, don’t forget to add some of the foods that are traditionally linked to the sign, including millet, endive, corn, wheat, rice, rye, potatoes, carrots, barley, oats, turnips, blackberries, and nuts. Any vegetable that grows under the earth is usually appealing to a Virgo as well.

21) Dill is an herb typically associated with Virgos.

22) When looking for a new home, a yard possessing a nut-bearing tree is a good sign for a Virgo.

23) When planting a garden for a Virgo, you may want to add some of the plants that have been linked to this sign in the past. They include lavender, forget-me-nots, aster, and morning glories.

24) When planning a vacation, Virgos may find a deep connection to Switzerland, the eastern Mediterranean, France, Paris, Greece, Turkey, Germany, and Boston.

25) Have you ever wondered why a Virgo may feel right at home at a library, farm, or barn? Cultivated land has also been associated with this zodiac sign.