Are You a Virgo? Money Matters & More

So, you’re a Virgo , looking to start a career and have no idea where to begin? Why not consider some of the suggestions mentioned in this article, as they have been handpicked in regards to the common personality traits shared amongst the majority of Virgos.

6) To make a Virgo smile, bring home a bouquet of small, brightly colored flowers. Virgos also seem attracted to the colorful buttercup.

7) It is no wonder if you find your Virgo friend enjoys creating lists of things to do, keeping their space extra-neat and in order, or dabbles in arts and crafts. You will also find that Virgos are not fans of messiness, dirt, disorganization, noise, and people who behave inappropriately in public.

8) A Virgo is good at saving money because they are quite thrifty. They are great at sticking to a budget they have set for themselves and rarely spend money on frivolous items. When they go out for a good shopping trip , they take their time comparing prices before settling on a final purchase. They also enjoy seeking out a good bargain. All of this spending below what they make means they are saving quite a few pretty pennies in the bank.

When it comes to paying the bills , they are handled on time. When in debt, a Virgo has a pretty good explanation, as this isn’t the way they usually like to conduct their business. They are also good at planning their financial future or at least finding someone who can help in this area of their life.

9) As parents, Virgos are great caregivers and are great for making sure their children have a solid financial future. However, when setting standards for their offspring , the bar is usually set pretty high and when flashes of failure arise  – they up the ante to make sure their children stay on track (with only the best intentions in mind).

10) Virgo kids are neat, clean, and organized. When cleaning their room, they are keen on just where to put their possessions. When going out to play, it is not often that they come home soiled. However, it is not uncommon to see a Virgo child take up an interest in gardening. Handicrafts also attract a Virgo child.

11) As a Virgo, when looking for a career, don’t be surprised if you are drawn to the following professions: pharmacist, dental hygienist, anything in the health profession, dietician, nutritionist, or nurse. It is the link between Virgos and health and hygiene that makes the above career paths appealing. Since a Virgo is often seen as efficient, becoming a scientist, inspector, critic, writer, personal assistant, bookkeeper, proofreader, marker researchers, data processor, librarian, research assistant, or statistician isn’t out of the ordinary either. When looking for something that allows you to take advantage of your creativity , don’t forget the world of arts and crafts, gardening, teaching, and even yoga.

If you’re ever looking for the perfect meal to prepare for the love of your life born between August 23rd and September 22nd , you should consider some of the suggestions found in the third installment of this analysis of the zodiac sign Virgo.