Are You an Aries? Continued

An Aries usually likes excitement, thrives on noise, and is curious by danger. They tend to dislike peaceful, quiet situations; hypocrisy; and injustice. In this article, you will also learn some of the perfect jobs that an Aries will feel right at home, as well as the many things that complement this zodiac sign, including their prime season, number, foods, and places to settle in at about the world.

Job Suggestions

When looking for a job to satisfy an Aries, some of the professions that may satisfy their traits include test pilot, army officer, butcher, metalworker, salesperson, firefighter, surgeon, explorer, electrician, psychologist, designer, or actor. Since they are independent, starting their own business will suit them well. When under employment, they like to become the boss of others , can we say manager or supervisor??


When looking to take an Aries out for a good time, they usually like biking and running, mountain climbing, paintball, and martial arts. They enjoy the thrill of dangerous sports, such as motorcycles, and car racing. If they watch sports on TV, rugby, boxing, and hockey are often on the top of their list. Partying is a pastime that many Aries like to indulge in. When they wish for a more laid-back activity, carving wood and metalworking isn’t out of the question.

What Complements an Aries?

The season that best complements an Aries is the springtime. The best day for them is Tuesday and the number 9 holds special significance to an Aries. Out of all the body parts, it is the head, face, and adrenal glands that are often associated with this zodiac sign. As for crystals, the ones that carry the best power for an Aries includes the amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, citrine, garnet, jasper, pink tourmaline, and topaz.

As for specific associations with an Aries, think of electricity, anger, satire, metals, and things that are sharp to the touch. Iron is the metal of this ram sign. When purchasing a shirt for an Aries, choose their complementary colors of red and white. Animals of this sign include sheep, tigers, and dragons.

When preparing a meal for an Aries, you will find that they like dishes that are spicy and hot. Foods that taste strong are suggested. They are also attracted to foods that are red, so spicy tomato dishes are recommended. Garlic, onions, mustard, capers, and cayenne are some of the favorite cooking ingredients of an Aries.

If you needed to treat an Aries using herbal medicine, there are a few herbs that are associated with this sign. They include hops, burdock root, honeysuckle, red clover, yellow dock, milk thistle, yarrow, rosemary and St. John’s Wort.

When it comes to places that complement the mood and characteristics of an Aries, a few come to mind. The most suitable locations about the world for those born under this zodiac sign include England, Germany, France, Israel, Italy (especially Florence), Naples, Poland, and Las Vegas. When building a home for an Aries, they tend to prefer spacious capital cities; places that provide easy access to sporting facilities; grounds filed with hills or sand; residences with high ceilings; and a homestead within a close proximity to stables.