Associations with Sun as a Planetary Ruler

The Sun serves as a symbol of the father and can manifest as a father figure, male influence, or simply someone of authority. Expectations of this father figure are thought dictated by the kind of zodiac sign they possess and the element most connected to that sign. In this article, you will learn more about the associations of the Sun as a planetary ruler.

Symbol of the Father

A Sun in a fire sign means that one expects a father figure that is warm and spontaneous. The earth sign is related to a father figure that is dependable and often full of discipline. A sensitive and nurturing male influence is often connected to the water sign, whereas a good communicator is found in zodiac signs belonging to the air element.


When the Sun is well placed, they usually uphold a disposition that is noble, proud, and has the qualities of a faithful friend. On the other hand, an imbalanced Sun can be boastful and vain , often considered arrogant.

The Creative Side

In terms of creativity, varying levels are affected by the element associated with the planetary ruler. For example, when paired with an Air sign, the creative energy involves intellect and inspiration , often linked to using thoughts and words as a creative medium. Water signs often use their emotions and draw upon their sensitivity. They are most likely to use their feelings when creating a work of art.

Traditional Correspondences

·    It’s only natural that the Sun as a planetary ruler is connected to Sunday.

·    When purchasing crystals to harness the power of the Sun sign, look for topaz, citrine, diamonds, jasper, amber, and rhodachrosite.

·    Yellow is the color of the Sun sign.

·    Places that people of the Sun sign typically feel more at home include palaces, spacious buildings, towers, and flamboyant apartments.

·    Other traditional associations with the Sun planetary ruler includes games, jewelry, mistletoe, almonds, marigolds, rosemary, frankincense, rice, sunflowers, grapes, walnuts, and being creative.

Sun , Zodiac Sign Connections of Self-Expression

When the Sun shows through the signs, it typically affects the type of self-expression associated with an individual’s zodiac sign. A few connections include:

When the Sun affects Aries, it encourages spontaneous self-expression. Corresponding personalities often bounce back from setbacks, but have a tendency to abandon tasks. They may also exhibit selfish behavior, but are still full of energy.

When the Sun affects Gemini, their self-expression is mainly full of communication. They are often sociable and versatile in their conversation. The Sun in Gemini promotes a bounce back from setbacks and finds a way to multi-task.

When the Sun affects Libra, their self-expression typically turns affectionate, where they are pleasant, fair and sociable. The Sun in Libra causes one to retreat from setbacks. While they dislike receiving criticism, they are still able to continue on with the tasks in front of them.

When the Sun affects Scorpio, they usually become secretive in their self-expression. They are resilient when faced with setbacks, and stay strong when it comes to accomplishing their tasks. An individual under this sign are often described as intense, passionate, as well as mysterious.