Associations with the Moon as a Planetary Ruler

There is no doubt that the Moon represents the maternal instinct and the mother figure. The placement of the Moon has been used to indicate the kind of mother one is expected to become and the kind of qualities associated with motherhood. In this article, you will learn more about the Moon as a planetary ruler and its effect on the zodiac signs.

Symbol of the Mother

No matter what sign the mother is born under, she is believed affected by the Moon sign of her child. For example, people belonging to the Fire Moon need an outgoing mother who is willing to take the time to explore the exterior world with their child. Water moon people require a maternal figure who is in tune with their extreme emotional experiences and who can awaken their imagination.

A Planet Centered on Basic Needs

The Moon is viewed as a receptive and passive planet that feeds the urge to fulfill basic needs. This sign differs from the Sun, as it is negative where the Sun is positive. Instead of initiating the events that occur in life, the Moon is responsible for reflecting life experience. It is a sign based upon listening to survival instincts and obtaining the basic needs out of life. Many feelings and emotions are connected to the Moon.

A Thirst for Security

Security is one of the most important, strongest, and most basic of human needs. When an earth sign is involved, physical security is most significant, whereas, water signs look to achieve emotional security. It is with these signs that security means feeling needed , whether it is at the home front or in their relationships. Fire and air signs are most likely to find their security in by just being themselves or having freedom from responsibility.

The strengths and weaknesses passed down from generation to generation are seen in the representation of the Moon. Some people also see the placement of the Moon as a way to predict the future behaviors and emotional needs of children.


A well-placed Moon typically produces an individual that is well mannered and loved being at home, but can also display a fault of being too timid. When the Moon is poorly positioned, a person can exhibit unhappiness and a sluggish attitude.

Traditional Correspondences

·    The Sun is connected to Mondays.

·    When purchasing crystals to harness the power of the Moon sign, look for moonstone, opal, selenite, and pearls.

·    Silver, white, and cream are the colors of the Moon sign.

·    Places that people of the Moon sign typically feel more comfortable at include locations by the water, including oceans, lakes, rivers, fishponds, and even fountains.

·    Other traditional associations with the Moon planetary ruler includes rebirth, baths, emotions, ancestors, willow trees, chickweed, cucumber, cabbage, melons, pumpkins, shellfish, chastity, and envy.

Moon , Zodiac Sign Connections of Emotions

When the Moon shows through the signs, it usually affects the kind of emotions an individual’s zodiac sign is known to exhibit. For example, when the Moon is associated with Aquarius, one typically shows unpredictable emotions. They appear independent and unconventional, but are often isolated in some manner. When the Moon is in Aquarius, expect friendship over intimacy.