Astrology: Past and Present

Throughout the years, astrology has evolved into many different things and is used by an array of people to forecast the future, gain a deeper understanding of self, or entertain. The past and present of astrology can be broken down into three different movements: ancient times, recent past, and the present. In this article, we will take a brief look at the past and present of astrology.

Astrology: Ancient Times

Since the start of time, humans have looked up at the stars for guidance. About 35,000 years ago, our ancestors began to record the phases of the Moon by making chicken scratches on a piece of bone. The distinct changing of this entity has always been worshipped as something quite powerful. It was believed to possess powers that could give life. The different phases were also used as indicators for the best times to plant and harvest. Often times, hunters would use the moon as a guide.

20,000 years later, Stonehenge became a reality and was constructed as a sophisticated lunar and solar calculator, which gave proof that past inhabitants used stone and the sky to calculate astronomical phenomena. All over the ancient world, similar items and locations have been uncovered for delivering the same kind of information.

During the earliest times of astrology, close observation of the skies was utilized. Astronomy also played an important role, as the scientific study of the celestial bodies backed and formed numerous beliefs. During ancient times, maps of the sky allowed astronomers-slash-priests calculate the perfect time for one to get married in royalty or how the state of affairs may turn out. This was a popular practice throughout the ancient civilizations of Arabia, Babylon. India, China, and Egypt. These types of observations should not be looked upon as primitive.

When taking a look at the sky maps scattered about Egyptian temples, you will see that early astrologers knew when certain events deep in space and beyond took place. All of this took place without the help of a telescope.

The Recent Past of Astrology

Throughout medieval European times and within early America, astrology was part of all concepts dealing with life. In medicine, practices were based on information received through astrology. Herbs were grown, harvested, and administered according to principle pertaining to astrology. As soon as illness appeared, a chart was created for the sufferer, which would suggest the proper herbal mixture to follow after analyzing the details of the chart.

During the Middle Ages, astrologers used the subject to predict the future. Out of all the medieval astrologers, Nostrodamus is by far one of the best known.

Astrology Today

In the present time, astrology is used by many different people for various reasons and is often associated with the act of seeking a greater understanding of the environment and change in life. On a regular basis, astrology comes into play in regards to counseling and psychological tools. Sometimes, people follow astrology as an attempt to make better business decisions and find guidance within their career. Others use astrology as a way to elevate their wellbeing.