Astrology literally means the “study of the stars”. It tries to find a rules in the positions and movements of the starts in the sky and correlates it to the life on Earth. It is a geocentric study, meaning that the studied movements are in fact relative to the Earth. Indeed, the movement of Earth makes the stars move in a certain way in the sky. Astrology is the study of these movements. It is a very old science coming from the beginning of humanity. Since men were able to watch the sky, they tried to find sequences in it. After many generations, astrology evolved and found many sequences and cycles in the movement of the stars in the sky. All of the great civilizations of the past were really involved in astrology and calculated many cycles that we just discover years ago. The civilization of Indus in India for example calculated the time the Sun takes to go around the center of the galaxy. Another example is the Mayan calendar which is the most accurate and most complete calendar of the world. These two findings date from some thousand years ago or more. Only some centuries ago, astrology was replaced by astronomy because many people considered astrology as superstition. Indeed, astrology being more than the study of the cycles in the sky tries also to find a correlation between these movements and the life on Earth. In a certain way, astrology is also the study of life. Or we could say that astrology has influences in all aspect of life and thus all other sciences.

Many people believe that according to astrology, the stars and planets act on us with a certain invisible force. Gravity isn’t enough powerful to explain the influence of stars. Some ten years ago, some Russian scientists found a beginning of explanation about astrology and its influences on life. It is a fact that the TV affects our mind by projecting electromagnetic waves and thus forces on our body. Most of people agree that a too long exposure on front of a TV screen make us feel tired. It is indeed proved that electromagnetic waves act on our brain an make it follow the frequency of these electromagnetic waves. Emitting low electromagnetic waves (relatively to the normal frequency of our brain) on our brain make us feel tired and inversely, high electromagnetic waves make us feel angry. Planets and stars emit a lot of electromagnetic waves which hit Earth every second. Thus planets and stars affect our brain every second. Each different formations of planet (known in astrology as conjunction, opposition, etc…) act differently. According to the Russian scientists, planets act as amplifiers depending of their formations. Electromagnetic waves coming from the stars (constellation) are influenced by the planets configuration which can act as amplifiers or any other possible filters. Furthermore, a biological study showed that at the time of birth, the brain lock on a specific electromagnetic pattern (we could say personality). It correlates perfectly with the astrological idea that personality is defined by the stars and planets configuration at birth!