August Birthdays: Astrological Myths 1

In the beginning of August, Leo the lion dominates the month. With fierceness and intensity, men and women born under this zodiac sign share ancient and folklore connections with their birthday. In this article, you will encounter a few associations, including ancient Roman, Egyptian and Persian celebrations.

August 1st Birthdays

Born on the first of August means that you most likely thrive when you receive recognition and honor. But, it’s well deserved because you tend to enter life and experienced with a well-rounded intensity. On this day, the festival of Lammas (or Laghnasadh , meaning ‘loaf-mass’) took place. This feast celebrated the first fruits, where the first grain is used to bake bread loaves, which are taken to the local church for a blessing of a priest. Pagans celebrate Lammas by weaving dollies made out of corn and offering the first loaves to the goddesses and gods they believe in.

August 2nd Birthdays

Have you ever been around a Leo born on August 2nd and noticed that they seem to surround themselves with excitement and drama? This is a common trait amongst men and women born on this birth date. Just stay out of his or her way when they are looking to accomplish something , they are proud and ambitious. The ancient Persian goddess Anahita (the deity associated with love and lunar power) was celebrated on this day. Each year, the village of Coventry, England celebrates Lady Godiva Day with a parade mirroring the medieval days.
August 3rd Birthdays

In Japan, the festival of Aomori Nebuta centers on the Japanese harvest and often takes place on the 3rd of August each year. The celebration is a way for farmers to stay awake long enough to complete all of their duties associated with harvesting A parade of bamboo effigies with menacing faces painted on takes place , a method used to keep away the spirits that bring sleep. Birthdays that fall on this date involve Leos who are adventurous, creative, and intellectual.

August 6th Birthdays

With a willingness to spend a pretty penny on social events, don’t be surprised if the birthday bashes of a Leo born on this day give the town something to talk about. Other traits tend to include an outgoing personality and warmness towards family, friends, and even strangers. The Egyptian god Thoth enjoys the 6th of August because he is honored on this date, as well as the Cherokee Earth goddess Elihino and her sister Igaehindvo , the goddess of the Sun.

Other August birthday highlights include:

August 5th , The first day of the Celtic tree month of Coll (the hazel), which symbolizes wisdom and Druidry. The Native American Crow Fair also takes place on this date.

August 7th , Ancient Egyptians celebrate the goddess Hathor, who possesses the head of a cow. As the mother of the pharaohs, she was worshipped each year with a festival called the Breaking of the Nile.

August 8th , To the ancient Romans, this day was set aside for the Eve of the Festival of Venus celebration.