August Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

From ancient Roman goddess celebrations to being thankful for the death of evil beings, the ancient world gathered for a wide range of festivals and events. Some paid homage to the trials and tribulations of their gods and goddesses, while others hoped for good fortune. In this article, you will learn of the Burryman, the Lychnapsia, and Gharnta Karna Day.

August 10th Birthdays

Dating back centuries, the festival called Gharnta Karna Day is an annual celebration that takes place around the 10th of August in the ancient kingdom of Nepal in the Himalayan Mountains. The festival celebrates the death of Gharnta Karna (known as the rival of the creator god Vishnu , a bloodthirsty Hindu demon who haunts the crossroads). Leos born on this day tend to make good business executives, actors, musicians, politicians, and stars of the sporting world.

August 12th Birthdays

If your birthday falls on the 12th of August, you would have celebrated the Lychnapsia (also known as the Festival of the Lights of Isis) if you lived during ancient Egyptians days. The event commemorates the search of the body of Osiris , husband to the goddess Isis. In ancient Rome, the people gathered for the festival of Hercules Invictus, who would offer a sacrifice at the Ara Maxima (or the great altar), which was situated close to the Circus Maximus. Leos born on this day tend not to lead a dull or boring life.

August 13th Birthdays

It was tradition during ancient Greek days for the goddess of darkness (Hecate) to enjoy a fetival in her honor, which was often held with the rising of the moon. Leos born on this date are usually idealistic with a deep confidence in their own abilities.

August 14th Birthdays

Have you ever heard of the Burryman? Residents of highland towns and fishing village located along the coast of Scotland believe in the ancient fertility god, whose exact origins are unknown. A man wearing a costume of thistles and burrs walks about the streets, collecting donations from villages in an event that takes place every year on this date. If you celebrate a birthday on August 14th, prepare to battle with a far on intimacy that may get in the way of finding true happiness in love.

August Birthdays

Other August birthday associations include:

August 11th , Known as the other of all the gods, goddess Oddudua is honored on this day by followers of the Santeria religion in Africa and South America. This day also marks the first day of celebrating the Puck Faire , an Irish fertility festival that lasted three days.

August 15th , Irish churches celebrated the Feast of Mary in the Harvest on this day, while Roman women found their way to the Sistine Chapel, as they were excluded for the rest of the year.

August 17th , This was the first of nine days devoted to Odin’s (chief Aesir god of the sky) quest to uncover the meaning of the runes. Ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Diana, who was known as the goddess of the Moon, chastity, and hunting. During this time, feasts and magical rituals took place.