August Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

Starting on August 23rd, birthday celebrators belong to Virgo the virgin, who also represents the second largest constellation in the sky. In this article, you will learn of the folklore, ancient festivals, and myths associated with birthdays positioned at the end of August, such as the Roman festival of the Manes and the celebration of Krishna.

August 23rd Birthdays

With the ability to think fast and fast talk, the Virgo born on August 23rd tends to possess one-of-a-kind ideas for the world based upon rational and analytical thought. If he or she were born during ancient Greek days, they would have probably attended the Day of the Nemesea festival, which honored the goddess Nemesis, who protected relics and defended the memory of the dead from insult and dishonor.

August 25th Birthdays

During ancient Roman times, the Festival of the Ops was held to honor the goddess of abundance. The Vestal Virgins played an important role during this event, as the festival paid homage to the Earth goddess, who was seen as a beacon of help. For those who attended the rituals, they sat on the ground so that they could take in some of the energy and earthy qualities of the goddess. Virgos born on this day tend to give their 100% effort to a task they are committed to.

August 26th Birthdays

Creating the world out of chaos, the Finnish goddess named Ilmatar (or Luonnotar) known as the water mother has a festival in her honor on this day. Celebrations of the periodic rebirth of the Hindu god Krishna takes place at midnight, where images of the baby Krishna are paraded for all the people to see. The purpose of this event is to welcome the god back as he makes his return to earth. Birthdays that fall on this date celebrate the birth of men and women usually known for their focus and dedication.  

August 29th Birthdays

The oldest of the three Norns, Urda (also known as the Norse fates) has a festival that takes place on this date. The Egyptians also paid homage to goddess Hathor (the cow-headed one). In Nigeria, the Yoruba people gather to celebrate the Gelede with an annual ritual comprised of dancing and wearing masks meant to keep away evil sorceresses. Virgos born on this day usually charm people with their team player traits.

Other celebrations of the past with links to August birthdays include:

August 24th , Today marks the first day of the Mania , a Roman festival of the Manes , known as the deified spirits of the ancestors. The festival of Luna also takes place on this date, which celebrates the goddess of the Moon.

August 28th , Ancient Egyptians celebrate the birth of the funerary goddess named Nephthys, who is the younger sister of Isis, Osiris, and Set. An old pagan harvest festival centered on ancient Norse gods and goddesses takes place in Norway on this day.