Cancer Love Matches: Gemini & Cancer

When it comes to love and relationships, we often look to the stars to guide us in the right direction, but just knowing some of the characteristics associated with various zodiac signs can help you navigate through the waters of romance. In this article, we will take a look on whether or not a Cancer can sustain a relationship with one of its own, as well as the union between a Cancer and a Gemini.


You would think that you would have a lot in common when you share the same zodiac sign, but this is not true in every case. As for a relationship between two Cancers, you will see that their flaws are just too much for the other to take. Sometimes having a lot in common is too much of a good thing. Since they share many of the same qualities, this enables them to know the other inside out. You’d think this would be a good thing, but their personalities often choose to use this information to antagonize one other. This is because they know just how to touch the others buttons without even working up a sweat.


Both of these lovers can be too touchy, demands too much, as well as possesses a bit of the overly dependent streak.  The emotional aspect of life is one of the most important factors to a Cancer, who crave attention like a hungry baby. They feel the need of constant reassurance and will pout when they do not receive all that they feel they deserve. If you are wondering about some of the positive points that two Cancers can build a relationship upon, the excitement of the bedroom provides a good place to start. The two of them are quite sensual, using their imagination to increase the spice between them. Between the sheets, they feed off of the energy of one another, but as we all know- sex is not a strong enough glue to keep the bond between two people together. After awhile, the union between these two lovers will eventually go nowhere.


When a Cancer and a Gemini begin a relationship with one another, there will be an immediate attraction on the part of one of these lovers. Gemini will catch the attention of Cancer, but the security that Cancer craves will not be found within a union between a Gemini. This zodiac sign appears too fickle to give the reassurance that Cancer is looking for. They will often bump heads when it comes to a wide-range of subjects. This is mostly because Cancer draws from their emotions, while Gemini uses their mind in the relationship. Creating an understanding between these two is rather hard to establish.


In regards to the lovemaking department, they make a good match, although Cancer will become annoyed with Gemini’s approach towards love, which is a bit too playful, as well as nonchalant. Gemini showcases a spirit that enjoy running wild, which differs greatly from the way Cancer views their activities. Cancer will try to unsuccessfully keep Gemini at home. This is due to their possessive nature. A long-term relationship is usually not in the future between this couple of zodiac lovers.