Cancer Love Matches: Pisces & Aquarius

Can a long lasting relationship be accomplished between a Cancer and an Aquarius? How compatible are Cancers with Pisces? These questions and more are answered in this article exploring some of the relationship sparks that can be analyzed when looking towards an astrological love guide.


When it comes to a relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarius, you will find that there often isn’t that much to keep the two together for long. Cancer tends to display a warm attitude towards life, responding to the variety of objects and people surrounding them. Aquarius tends to possess qualities that clash with this particular attribute of the Cancer. Aquarius will most likely feel trapped and smothered by Cancer’s tendency to display a clingy nature. More personality traits that bring these two lovers at odds include the unpredictability of Aquarius, who also tends to make quick decisions at the drop of a hat. Cancer on the other hand, displays cautious movements and often hesitates before fully committing to an endeavor. This drives Aquarius crazy, who is filled with impatience.


Cancer doesn’t have a thick enough skin to withstand the biting humor or comments that Aquarius may dish out. He or she faces the potential of becoming too easily hurt or distracted by these actions. Sometimes, Aquarius may even appear to be detached from the relationship, which puzzles Cancer, who likes to know what is going on with their relationship at all times. While Cancer desires a partner who makes he or she feel secure, Aquarius tends to roam solo, leaving Cancer feeling unfulfilled. The only thing that seems to fall into place for these two is the goings on in the bedroom; all else seems to crumble in the wind.


Since the crab and the fish are both creatures of the water, you would think that the Cancer and Pisces love match would last and guess what”¦it does. They both share the qualities of being affectionate towards their loved ones and are both sensitive when it comes to knowing what their mate wants and needs. Imagination plays an important role in shaping who these two lovers really are. Cancer uses his or her imagination when it comes to getting work completed, whereas Pisces has a reputation for being a dreamer, full of ideas. Together, they are able to make the relationship prosperous in many aspects.


Cancer easily receives the love and passion that he or she needs from their Pisces counterpart and in return, provides Pisces with protection that transcends all areas of the relationship. The bond between these two lovers is strong. They are both emotional and when they become in tune with their soulmate’s moods, they are affected with every high and low in their life. The devotion that each one possesses for the other is truly a thing of beauty. In the bedroom, the passion only gets hotter. Sometimes, it is Cancer who has to take the reins, as Pisces gallops closely behind. The phrase, “a match made in heaven” really doesn’t give this union any justice.