Cancer Love Matches: Taurus & Aries

An individual born between June 22nd and July 22nd are connected to the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is known for a variety of positive, as well as undesirable traits. A Cancer usually reflects their emotions, as well as appears to be a loving companion. They are imaginative, cautious, protective and are also known to hold a soft spot for loved ones. On the other hand, there are also a few other traits that could drive a loved one up the wall. Cancers can be moody, overly emotional, touchy, as well as unable to let go of a situation or person. Who would make the perfect match in the eyes of the stars above?


It may seem like a match made in heaven at first, but a romance between a Cancer and an Aries is sure to sink faster than the Titanic. Cancer tends to be on the jealous side when it comes to their mate. Aries is full of adventure, which leads them into a variety of situations that may enrage Cancer. Aries is also known for possessing a wandering eye. When arguments arise, Aries doesn’t hold back and unleashes their sharp tongue and aggressive words, which cut deep like a knife. Cancer can be easily crushed by these actions.


While Cancer prefers the comfort of a secure relationship, as well as the safety of a home environment, Aries holds tight to their freedom and wishes to explore new and fresh adventures. Aries finds Cancer’s protective and affectionate nature too smothering, making them want to run the streets even longer. Another downfall can be seen when it comes to money. They both are attracted to it, but deal with it in different ways. Aries likes to spend, spend and spend, while Cancer likes to keep it safely tucked away for the future. The different characters that these two possess will tear the two of them apart. Too many problems spoil the broth.


As for the relationship between a Cancer and a Taurus, there is a relaxing balance that can be found within one another. Their needs are met, making for a fulfilling union. Both of these lovers need security in their lives. They need to feel that what they have is something that won’t fade away quickly into the wind. They share numerous characteristics, which makes it easier to get along. They are both passionate, affectionate, as well as enjoy giving tons of love to their mate. In the bedroom, it is Cancer who spices up the mood, while Taurus allows he or she to take over. Taurus tends to exhibit possessive tendencies, which is fine with Cancer, who at times can be a bit clingy.


Building a great home base for one another, the two lovers will find comfort in knowing that both of them are striving for financial security, as well as emotional. Taurus enjoys the occasional pampering, while Cancer enjoys laying it on thick. While Cancer can be rather touchy at times, Taurus possesses a calming nature that accommodates these changes in mood.