Check Out the Strengths and Weaknesses of Pisces

When it comes to the emotions, strengths, and weaknesses of a Piscean , what are some of the traits that will help elevate the success of this zodiac sign, as well as slow down their overall progress in life? In this article, you will learn of a handful of characteristics that can make or break the goals of the double fish.

8) The emotions of a Piscean are known to guide their heart and their mind. They possess a great trait that allows he or she to come in contact with a variety of emotions and not pass judgment on an individual.

9) A ‘softie’ at heart , Pisces is clearly affected by the misfortune of others and usually attempt to ‘come to the rescue’ when they are faced with a ‘sob story.’

10) When it comes to all of the zodiac signs, it is the Pisces that is the most prone to feeling bogged down by guilt. They are also quick to blame themselves if something should go wrong with a friend or relative who has asked for their help. A Piscean may also insist on carrying the burden or anxiety of another when they are surrounded by those they feel are suffering. If they have let a good friend down, it becomes pretty hard to make Pisces see the good side in it all or to overcome their feelings of guilt or failure.

11) Some of the strengths associated with Pisceans include their great willingness to deliver compassion to those they come in contact with. Their extensive imagination also comes in handy. When Pisces is working at their greatest, they are able to display the most intuitive and empathetic of all the other signs.

12) Some of the weaknesses that the typical Piscean may show include their ease of succumbing to confusion, and the inability to separate the truth and reality. Unfortunately, the negative aspects of the world are pretty hard for Pisces to comprehend, which can set them at a disadvantage.

13) Photography is a nice activity to encourage a Piscean to pursue. You’d be surprised how many individuals born under this zodiac sign actually turn this sort of hobby into a full time career.

14) Pisces is a zodiac sign that is often associated with healing.

15) This particular sign often displays the tendency to take on the role of ‘savior’ in regards to not only family and friends, but also to those they simply meet as strangers on the street.

16) When looking for things to do with your Pisces friend, consider activities that have anything to do with water, such as swimming at the local beach, sailing, fishing, or just simply cruising the nearest lake. The artist in Pisces may also like to indulge in poetry, ballet, acting, the theatre, writing, and even learning how to watercolor paint. Looking for more? Dancing, yoga, and taking a walk in the park are other activities that will appeal to this zodiac sign.