Chinese Astrology , the Element Signs II

Those born under the element of Water are gifted with the ability to persuade those they come in contact with, as well as exhibit excellent relationship skills. In this article, you will learn more about the elements associated with the Chinese zodiac, such as Wood and Metal.

The Element Sign of Water

As they effectively communicate with others, they are able to break through the barriers that some people tend to put up. After analyzing the thoughts of others, Water people are good at getting their ideas heard. Their intuition and flexibility are assets that help them better express themselves to others.

With a good sense for pointing out the opportunities that show promise, Water people are quick to get the ball rolling. They are able to pinpoint the skills and resources that will make their projects a success. They also have a knack for making others feel included and valued. However, it is not uncommon to find this sign looking for an easy way to complete an assignment.

The worst thing you’ll have to look out for in a Water person is the passiveness and inconsistency of their ways. They also have a tendency to look towards others for support. In order to succeed, they will have to dig deep and harness their assertiveness.

The Element Sign of Wood

People who are associated with the element of Wood tend to uphold high morals and walk around with a great deal of confidence in their favor. Since they are well aware of the value of their accomplishments and material items, they are highly appreciative of what they have. Part of the interest of a Wood person comes from the many different things they like to do. This variation makes them more desirable as a companion or friend.

When it comes to thinking out a problem, they tend to follow an orderly manner. They have the ability to think outside of the box and look towards the bigger picture. This part of their personality allows them to handle responsibilities of great importance. Wood people have a reputation for dabbling in a little bit of everything , not afraid to test unknown waters. They like to see the different aspects of their life benefit from the growth and renewal of their choices.

The Element Sign of Metal

Individuals born under the element of Metal are primarily driven by success. Equipped with great confidence and determination, this type of person actively goes after the goals they have set for themselves. It doesn’t matter how many obstacles they face, setbacks they suffer, or failed attempts , they will continue to strive for new achievements. This can work both in their favor as well as a hindering force if they are unwilling to let a task go that just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

Metal people can turn into rather unreasonable individuals that are unwilling to bend in a different direction. The stubbornness can become a turnoff. However, their self-reliance helps them work out their own problems without the need to draw others in. In the financial world, Metal people have a good sense for money, which comes in handy in supporting the position they wish to attain in life.