Chinese Astrology , Year of the Monkey

The Monkey is found in the ninth zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Leo. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Monkey in Chinese astrology.

Full of cheerfulness and energy, Monkeys are seen as fun-loving people. Because of this, they are quite popular with others , people are attracted to their charm and humor. The problem-solving nature of the Monkey, which makes them an easy friend to call on. The curiosity of the Monkey leads to a thirst for knowledge. They tend to be successful and don’t be surprised how many Monkeys have been triumphant in the entertainment business.

Other personality traits of people born under the Year of the Monkey include:

”¢    Monkeys are quite clever and because of this, they usually exhibit great talents and creativity that allow them to make the most of their situations.

”¢    Monkeys tend to be the center of attention.

”¢    Some say monkeys are self-centered, some say they are opportunistic, some say they are guileful, but monkeys couldn’t care less – because they are also indifferent.

”¢    Food is an effective way to make a Monkey habit, as they appreciate the taste of a good meal.

Traditional associations of the Monkey zodiac sign include the west-southwest direction, the month of August, the summertime, the element of metal, the gemstone peridot, the color gold or yellow, and cloves.

Are You a Monkey?

You are born under the Year of the Monkey if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1908: 02 Feb 1908 – 21 Jan 1909 (Earth)
1920: 20 Feb 1920 – 07 Feb 1921 (Metal)
1932: 06 Feb 1932 – 25 Jan 1933 (Water)
1944: 25 Jan 1944 – 12 Feb 1945 (Wood)
1956: 12 Feb 1956 – 30 Jan 1957 (Fire)
1968: 30 Jan 1968 – 16 Feb 1969 (Earth)
1980: 16 Feb 1980 – 04 Feb 1981 (Metal)
1992: 04 Feb 1992 – 22 Jan 1993 (Water)
2004: 22 Jan 2004 – 08 Feb 2005 (Wood)
2016: 08 Feb 2016 – 27 Jan 2017 (Fire)

Compatibility with Monkeys

A really good relationship match for the Monkey is the Rat. The Monkey can also get along well with a handful of different zodiac signs. With a Tiger, they can create a passionate, loving relationship. With a Dragon, they will have their differences, but they will still good in a relationship. The Monkey will make a great partner for the same sign. Because they possess admiration for one another, a relationship between a Pig and Monkey will work.

A Monkey should avoid getting in a relationship with a Horse. The Ox will provide a nice counterpart to the Monkey , they are compatible and will have a stable relationship. The Rabbit will amuse the Monkey and can create a good union. There is a possibility for a Monkey to find love with a Snake, but it depends on the Monkey to make it work. It depends on the two individuals to see if a pairing with a Goat or Rooster will work. The Monkey should keep an open mind when getting in a relationship with a Dog , it could not be the best thing for the Dog.