Chinese Astrology , Year of the Rat

The Rat is found in the first zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Sagittarius. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Rat in Chinese astrology.

Those born under the sign of the Rat in Chinese astrology tend to be full of charm, as well as aggressiveness. With a gift to talk and express themselves, they are often the life of the party , keeping their friends entertained and busy. There are times that a Rat is quiet, but it is rare to find such a person staying still.

Other traits associated with the Rat include:

”¢    Tend to have more acquaintances than real friends. Because of this, they are loyal to those they are most close to. Real friends of the Rat are treated like family.

”¢    When a Rat has a problem, they tend to keep it to themselves. While they are talkative, they choose not to confide in others.

”¢    They are honest even though they can be mean and narrow minded.

”¢    Rats tend to become a success in the things that they do when they stay focused. Perhaps, it is also because they are often perfectionists.

”¢    Full of confidence, the Rat often has good instincts.

”¢    Since they tend to be rather organized and have a range of talents, Rats can do well in a career centered on politics or business.

Traditional associations of the Rat zodiac sign include the fixed element of water, northern direction, the color black, the garnet gemstone, the wintertime and month of December. Foods that are connected to the Rat include pork, cabbage and peas.

Are You a Rat?

You are born under the Year of the Rat if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1900: 31 Jan 1900 – 18 Feb 1901 (Metal)
1912: 18 Feb 1912 – 05 Feb 1913 (Water)
1924: 05 Feb 1924 – 23 Jan 1925 (Wood)
1936: 24 Jan 1936 – 10 Feb 1937 (Fire)
1948: 10 Feb 1948 – 28 Jan 1949 (Earth)
1960: 28 Jan 1960 – 14 Feb 1961 (Metal)
1972: 15 Feb 1972 – 02 Feb 1973 (Water)
1984: 02 Feb 1984 – 19 Feb 1985 (Wood)
1996: 09 Feb 1996 – 06 Feb 1997 (Fire)
2008: 07 Feb 2008 – 25 Jan 2009 (Earth)

Compatibility with the Rat

When looking for a love match, the best connections seem to happen between a Rat and a Dragon. Rats make very good matches with other Rats. The Ox provides a relationship that is full of stability and peace. Relationships between Rats and Monkeys are usually fun and full of love. With admiration for one another, a union between a Rat and a Pig can work. It is suggested that the Rat keep a Snake as its friend rather than its lover. The passion is present with a Rooster, but relationships tend to crumble over time. In order to enjoy a lasting relationship with a Tiger, the Rat and his or her partner must be willing to endure the good and the bad. Sometimes, Rats make a good pair with a Goat or Dog , it really depends on the two people. It is not suggested to start a relationship with a Rabbit, as they tend to bring out the worst in a Rat. However, the worst match is thought between a Rat and a Horse.