Chinese Astrology , Year of the Snake

The Snake is found in the sixth zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Taurus. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Snake in Chinese astrology.

In history and religious circles, the snake has represented a creature that has been a seducer of humans. Although the snake that tempted Eve into sin is seen as the devil , in astrological circles, the serpent is not seen in this manner. Some of their characteristics that make them appealing in a way to be trusted include charm and popularity.

Other personality traits of people born under the Year of the Snake include:

”¢    Snakes tend to follow through with whatever they undertake and they do not like when loose ends have been left.

”¢    Many people will fall head over heels for a Snake.

”¢    Since they are quite intellectual, it is believed that many philosophers have been born under the sign of the Snake.

”¢    In financial situations, Snakes tend to hold back from lending money, but their sympathy for others often lead to an offering of help nonetheless.

”¢    Since they seem blessed with good luck, they tend to prosper in money circles , they have a knack for getting their hands on money when they need it. However, they are quite generous with their family and friends.

Traditional associations of the Snake zodiac sign include the south-southeast direction, the month of May, the springtime, the element of fire, the gemstone agate, and the color red.

Are You a Snake?

You are born under the Year of the Snake if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1905: 04 Feb 1905 – 24 Jan 1906 (Wood)
1917: 23 Jan 1917 – 10 Feb 1918 (Fire)
1929: 10 Feb 1929 – 29 Jan 1930 (Earth)
1941: 27 Jan 1941 – 14 Feb 1942 (Metal)
1953: 14 Feb 1953 – 02 Feb 1954 (Water)
1965: 02 Feb 1965 – 20 Jan 1966 (Wood)
1977: 18 Feb 1977 – 06 Feb 1978 (Fire)
1989: 06 Feb 1989 – 26 Jan 1990 (Earth)
2001: 24 Jan 2001 – 11 Feb 2002 (Metal)
2013: 10 Feb 2013 – 30 Jan 2014 (Water)

Compatibility with Snakes

Love is in the air when a Snake sign meets up with a Rooster sign. They make a pretty good love connection and the future usually looks prosperous for the two. The second best bet for a good relationship is to settle down with an Ox sign. Snakes tend to find a strong attraction for the Horse sign. There are several zodiac signs that could become potential mates for the Snake, including the Dragon, Dog and Goat.

As for the Rat, it might be best to stay friends instead of become lovers. They may also want to think twice before getting serious with a Rabbit. When two Snakes get together, they sure know how to create a bit of drama in their lives and its best not to even go down this path in the first place. Sometimes, Monkeys and Snakes can get along well, but it all depends on the Monkey in the relationship. It’s pretty hard for a Pig to really please a Snake, which makes this type of union difficult to make last.