December Birthdays , Astrological Myths 1

In the beginning of December, it is the archer, better known as Sagittarius, who claims babies born at this time of the year. While the rest of us our planning our Christmas holiday and waiting for the New Year, others are celebrating their birthday. During ancient times and in different cultures, a variety of festivals and celebrations also took place, such as the ancient Greek festival of Poseidon.

December 1st Birthdays

If you were born on this day, you share the same date as the ancient Greek festival of Poseidon, who was the god of the sea and rebirth. In ancient Rome, the goddess Pieta, the deity of respectful duty, was honored on this day. December 1st was also a day where various parts of the world saw young girls perform the art of cromniomancy, which uses onion sprouts to perform divination , a method that was supposed to reveal the names of their future husbands. An archer born on this day should pay attention to their tendency to spread themselves too thin, as it can lead to never really accomplishing all of his or her goals.

December 2nd Birthdays

Tibetan Buddhists would make an annual pilgrimage to the oldest tree in the world, located in a place known as Bodh Gaya, India. Planted in 282 BCE, people come to the sacred tree to pray, chant, and raise flags. The tree is thought to be an offshoot of the same Bodhi tree that the Buddha sat under when he attained enlightenment. A Sagittarian born on this day may exhibit an easygoing and cooperative demeanor, but do not mistake them for a pushover.  

December 4th Birthdays

If you were born on this day and live in West Africa, then you probably already know that this date is sacred to the Yoruban god Chango, who is the embodiment of virility, passion, and raw power. Chango is the son of the deities Yemaya and Orungan, who was the god of lightning bolts. This day is also special in Greece, where a festival pays homage to the Greek goddess of wisdom and useful arts (Pallas Athena), which is the counterpart of the Roman goddess Minerva. Full of ambition and a determination to succeed, individuals born on this day generally use their winning personality to achieve success and happiness.

Other December birthday connections to note include:

December 3 , The ancient Roman festival of Bona Dea (the Good Goddess) saw the Vestal Virgins conduct woman’s rites and secret ceremonies that males were not allowed to attend.

December 5 , On this day, children in the Netherlands leave hay and carrots for Saint Nicholas, in hopes that Saint Kick and his helpers leave nuts, fruits, and coins in their wooden shoes.

December 8 , During this time of the year, Japanese temples honor one of the most ancient of Shinto deities , the solar goddess Amaterasu.