Deep Space Nine: Trivia: Part Two

Continuing the interesting facts associated with the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series, this article offers details on uncommon contract stipulations, connections to other TV shows, as well as an honor received within the TV Guide lists.


A Connection to “Cheers”


Just like in the popular television series, “Cheers,” Deep Space Nine presented a regular in the bar run by Ferengi, Quark. His name was “Morn,” which was “Norm” spelled backwards. The two characters were similar in the respect that they were both regulars who frequented the bar and always sat in the same seat.


Don’t Cause Confusion”¦.


In the beginning of the Deep Space Nine series, Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko) had what some may call an odd stipulation within his contract. A passage required that he would have to appear with hair so that he would not be confused with a character he once immortalized. In the 1985 television series, “Spenser: For Hire,” he played the bald-headed, Hawk. As audiences became used to Brooks as Sisko, he was allowed to shave his head once again, as well as grow out his beard.


He’s Been Busy


The only actor to appear in every single episode of the Deep Space Nine series was Avery Brooks, who played the part of Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko.




Did you ever notice how the number “47” keep popping up throughout the series? The story behind this detail of the show begins when writer/co-producer, Joe Menosky, who started inserting the number into the computer screens, serial numbers, as well as dates. It became so commonplace, that the rest of the production team followed suit. When asked why he chose that particular number, Menosky replied that the number was significant to him because of a statement that one of his professors once made. At Pomona College, his math teacher often joked that all numbers were equal to 47.




You’d have to be paying close attention while watching the show to notice the ATM that appears in Quark’s bar, which offers the different kinds of money used by all the major races pertaining to the station, such as Cardassian leks and Federation credits.


Currency Tidbit


When the Bajoran spend their money, they pay with the Lita, which is actually the same currency that is used in Lithuania.


Great Dad


In the June 2004 issue of TV Guide, the character of Benjamin Sisko was ranked #50 in the list of “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time.”


Missed Opportunities


There were many who wanted to appear in the Deep Space Nine series, but the conditions that they wished to appear under were not met, preventing their shot. For example, the character of Vic Fontaine was originally meant for Frank Sinatra, Jr., but turned down the chance because he stated that he only wanted to appear in the series as an alien. The role then went to James Darren, who went on to appear in eight episodes, including the series finale.


The rather famous uncle of Alexander Siddig (who played Julian Bashir) is Malcolm McDowell. He stated that he wanted to appear in the series, but under the condition that Siddig directed that particular episode. This never occurred, not because management didn’t agree with the conditions, but because of the scheduling conflicts that existed.