Deep Space Nine: Where Are They Now? 2

On every television series, we see a place or hangout that the main characters gather at when they are in the mood to unwind. For Deep Space Nine, the character named Quark owned this hot spot, who sometimes gave off an annoying air about himself. With lots of prosthetics, make-up and sharpened teeth, Armin Shimerman flawlessly delivered the character. This article takes a look at some of the accomplishments Shimerman has made before and after he landed the role of Quark.


Recap of the Original Cast


Appearing in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series included a regular 1993-1999 cast of: Avery Brooks (as Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko), appearing in 172 episodes; Alexander Siddig (as Dr. Julian Bashir), appearing in 168 episodes; Nana Visitor (as Col. Kira Nerys), appearing in 167 episodes; Rene Auberjonois (as Constable Odo), appearing in 164 episodes; Colm Meaney (as Chief Miles Edward O’Brien), appearing in 156 episodes; Armin Shimerman (as Quark), appearing in 154 episodes; Terry Farrell (as Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax), appearing in 145 episodes; Mark Allen Shepherd (as Morn), appearing in 83 episodes; Cirroc Lofton (as Jake Sisko), appearing 82 episodes; and Michael Dorn (as Lt. Cmdr. Worf), who appeared in 101 episodes from 1995 to 1999.


Armin Shimerman (Quark)


One of the disadvantages to playing a character that is heavily masked in make-up and rubber add-ons is that once all of the extra stuff comes off, he is not associated with the character that you may have grown to love. This is the case with Armin Shimerman, who has appeared in many different roles in television and movies and no one would guess that he played the feisty Quark on Deep Space Nine. 1979 marks the year that Shimerman began acting. He can be seen in old episodes of “Facts of Life,” “Hill Street Blues,” and “Cagney & Lacey.” Movie roles also followed before his role on Star Trek, such as “Blind Date” (with Bruce Willis) and “Eye For an Eye” (with Sally Field).


After the cancellation of Deep Space Nine, Shimerman made numerous appearances as Principal Snyder in the rather popular “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television series. He also played a wizard in the TV series, “Charmed” and a judge in “Boston Public.” He’s also supplied the voice for several video game characters, including Toad in “X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse” (2005). His latest television and movie endeavors include the role of Fiester in the 2006 movie, “The Urn,” as well as the 2006 television appearance in “Dead and Deader.”


Did You Know?


1) Shimerman appeared in a 1993 television commercial for the Deep Space Nine action figures.


2) With the help of David George, Shimerman wrote “The 34th Rule,” a novel published in 1993, which was based on the Deep Space Nine characters.


Michael Dorn (Lt. Cmdr. Worf)


Michael Dorn took on the character of Commander Worf for 101 episodes, from 1995 to 1999. Additional details on his extensive career can be found in the article titled: “Next Generation: Where Are They Now?” Some of the lesser-known facts about this actor include his real-life flying experiences.