Deep Space Nine: Where Are They Now? 6


Who would have known that before Michael Dorn took on the role of Lieutenant Commander Worf, that he actually made his first appearance on the screen as the bodyguard of Apollo Creed in “Rocky II?” This part was uncredited, but he has since made up for it in the numerous appearances afterwards. This article explores his path through bringing us priceless entertainment.


Recap of the Original Cast


Appearing in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series included a regular 1993-1999 cast of: Avery Brooks (as Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko), appearing in 172 episodes; Alexander Siddig (as Dr. Julian Bashir), appearing in 168 episodes; Nana Visitor (as Col. Kira Nerys), appearing in 167 episodes; Rene Auberjonois (as Constable Odo), appearing in 164 episodes; Colm Meaney (as Chief Miles Edward O’Brien), appearing in 156 episodes; Armin Shimerman (as Quark), appearing in 154 episodes; Terry Farrell (as Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax), appearing in 145 episodes; Mark Allen Shepherd (as Morn), appearing in 83 episodes; Cirroc Lofton (as Jake Sisko), appearing 82 episodes; and Michael Dorn (as Lt. Cmdr. Worf), appearing in 101 episodes from 1995 to 1999.


Michael Dorn (Lt. Cmdr. Worf)


Appearing in 101 episodes from 1995 to 1999, Dorn brought to life the Starfleet officer, who represented the Klingon race. Throughout the TV series, we saw him lose his parents to a Romulan attack and become the adopted son of Starfleet crewmen. He is credited as being the first Klingon to attend the Starfleet Academy. Some of his plotlines include romantic links with character, K’Ehleyr, which later produced a son without his knowledge. The mother of his child was later murdered. Later, he married Jadzia Dax, but she too was killed soon after.


 Before landing the role of Worf, he appeared in numerous television shows, such as “Hotel,” “227,” and “Punky Brewster.” Reoccurring roles included Officer Jebediah Turner on “CHIPS,” as well as Jimmy on “Days of Our Lives.” After the cancellation of Deep Space Nine, Dorn completed various voice work projects, such as “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “Duck Dodgers,” “Danny Phantom,” “ Justice League,” “Emperor: Battle for Dune,” as well as  “Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time.” He also lent his voice to numerous Star Trek-related video games. As for movie roles, you may have recognized him as the Sandman in the 2002 movie, “Santa Clause 2.” His latest project is the movie, “Fallen Angels,” which is slated for a 2007 release. It is currently in the post-production phase.


Did You Know?


Dorn is quite well versed in the ways of the flying. He owns an old Air Force T-33 trainer jet, which is one of the first jet aircrafts within the United States. He has dubbed this aircraft as his very own “starship.” Dorn is a good pilot, as well as owner of more than one aircraft, taking his skills to the USAF Precision Flight team, as well as the Blue Angels. One of the aircrafts that he has in his possession includes an older version of a F-86 Sabre jet, which he gained access to from the South African Air Force. He often takes this bird for a spin from an airport located in California.